Black Panther returns in a new form to lead November's new releases

04 Nov 2022 in New Releases

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As autumn begins to turn to winter, the end of the year continues to bring a variety of titles to cinemas, allowing us a cosy respite from the outside world. We are swept away to incredible fantasy worlds with two new blockbusters from Disney and revisit a children's classic with a musical edge but also slow down with a couplet of films that explore watershed moments in the history of women's empowerment. And be sure to check out the host of films from 2022 and beyond that are playing at our annual Into Film Festival.

Call Jane - in cinemas 4 November

Teaching young people about the history of women's rights across the world is more important now than ever, as new laws are coming into effect that threaten individual choice. In Call Jane, the year is 1968 and Joy, a housewife who lives in Chicago, is delighted to find out that she is pregnant. However, when she discovers that her unborn baby poses a threat to her health, she is met with an all-male medical establishment that is unwilling to allow Joy to have an abortion in order to save her life. 

Left with no other choice, Joy meets with a group of like-minded women, visionaries and activists, who are dedicating their lives to the progress of women's rights. Set during a time when the United States was on the brink of great political upheaval, Call Jane is a smart, surprisingly funny and timely reminder of how progress is made.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - in cinemas 11 November

Back in 2018, the original Black Panther film (available to watch for free on Into Film+) made history with its popularity and cultural impact. After the tragic death of its lead actor, Chadwick Boseman, many have speculated how the story may continue and this highly awaited sequel begins shortly after the death of King T'Challa, which has left the Kingdom of Wakanda in great mourning. This time is interrupted by a sudden attack by the ruler or Atlantis, Namor, and Wakanda must quickly prepare to protect itself from more threats and invading powers. Introducing new characters and worlds, this is another exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that celebrates Black culture and the visual art of Afrofuturism through the superhero genre.

Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical - in cinemas 25 November

The original Matilda is a well-loved children's classic (available to watch for free on Into Film+) and this new version of Roald Dahl's story, adapted from the stage play, is noticeably different and full of fun musical numbers. 

Matilda Wormwood is a little girl with a big imagination and a love of reading. Unfortunately she also has terrible parents who do little to further her curiosity or support her in any way, and are instead focused on watching trashy TV. Matilda is excited to attend her new school, Crunchem Hall, but upon arrival finds it to be an oppressive place led by the scary Miss Trunchbull. However she also finds an inspirational teacher there, Miss Honey, who encourages Matilda to remain resolute, kind, and inquisitive. Together with her school friends, Matilda is intent on standing up for what's right, using the powers she finds within herself to challenge authority and make the world a better place. Adapted from the adored stage musical, with songs by Tim Minchin, this is an inspirational coming-of-age film about rewriting your own story.

Strange World - in cinemas 25 November

This eye-catching new animation from Disney pays homage to the science-fiction serials of the 1950s whilst also telling a meaningful story about family bonds and saving the environment.

During an important expedition, the young explorer Searcher Clade discovers a valuable plant that doubles as an energy source and decides to return to his village instead of proceeding further. His father however, the legendary Jaeger Clade, decides to continue into the snowy mountains and seemingly disappears. Twenty-five years later, the village is now a city and is thriving due to the newly unearthed energy source. Searcher, along with his wife Meridian and son Ethan, have become farmers but when the plant that acts as the city's energy source begins to wither, he is asked to venture into an unexplored world to seek out what the problem might be. After discovering that his son Ethan has stowed away on the ship, the family are thrust into an adventure involving unusual creatures, both scary and friendly, as they uncover the mysteries of this strange new world. 

She Said - in cinemas 25 November

She Said is based on the book written by the two journalists who broke the story around sexual abuse in Hollywood which helped ignite the #MeToo movement around the world. 

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey are two senior investigative journalists working at the New York Times in 2016 who have been looking into allegations of abuse, including those directed towards US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Following this, the reporters hear whispers about accusations regarding notorious Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. As they follow up on leads and hear harrowing first-person accounts, Jodi and Megan quickly realise that this is an astonishing truth which needs to be told to the public. After digging deeper, they discover that the story is not only about one powerful person's repeated actions but rather the entire system which has sought to protect him. But while the reporters demonstrate their courage and diligence, persuading victims to speak on the record proves to be incredibly difficult.

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