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31 Oct 2022 in Into Film+

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As the winter months close in the idea of sitting down to watch a film in a cosy classroom or film club feels like an even more appealing concept than usual. With the holiday season in mind, many of our new additions to Into Film+ explore the theme of families and the importance of solidarity but in wildly different and hugely entertaining ways. 'Encanto' leads the way through its spirited protagonist and joyful Latin culture whilst Sir Kenneth Branagh's semi-autobiographical 'Belfast' is an evocative snapshot from a different time in Northern Ireland. With 'Addams Family Values' putting a spotlight on Halloween, the critically acclaimed 'Lady Bird' from Greta Gerwig, a moving documentary about endangered animals and much more, there's a veritable feast to choose from this autumn and winter on our streaming service. 



Set in an enchanted town in the Colombian mountains, the Madrigals live in a large, magical house, with each family member possessing a unique power ranging from speaking to animals to super strength. The young Mirabel is the only one without a special ability, leaving her to wonder if there's something wrong with her. However, when the house's magic is threatened by a mysterious force, Mirabel may be the only one able to save the family and their home. 

This colourful musical story is all about family, community, and finding your own voice, while also celebrating Colombian culture. We closed the Into Film Festival with this wonderful animation last year and will be returning for free screenings around the country in this year's addition - just click this link to find out more.

And don't forget to check out our Encanto 'Recycle the Rhythm' resource, a superb accompaniment to the film which explores creativity and teamwork through a number of different curricular subjects. 


One of the most popular animated films of all time and an pioneer of CGI, we welcome cinema's grumpiest ogre to Into Film+. Big, green and bad-tempered, Shrek is the perfect ogre but one of the most frightening creatures in the kingdom. When his solitary cabin in the woods is disturbed by the evil Lord Fargaad, he does everything he can to put the situation right. Joining forces with a silly and talkative donkey, he is ordered by Fargaad to rescue a beautiful princess named Fiona in exchange for his home.

On the duo's epic journey across a fairytale universe there are countless moments of comedy and familiar characters along the way. Since it's release, Shrek has been considered a modern classic that humorously explores and subverts some of the traditional traits of the fairytale genre.


Escape From Extinction

Accessible and appealing for young audiences, Escape From Extinction is built to inspire with suggestions of small and big actions one can take to protect animals and the environment. Animal extinction is a global issue occurring on such a large scale that it can often be difficult to imagine its severity. This documentary, narrated by Helen Mirren, dives into the problem and the great efforts being taken to preserve animal species across all seven continents such as rhinos, koalas and orangutans. Featuring interviews with some of the key leaders in conservation and including rare footage of endangered animals across land and sea, the film brings awareness to this urgent issue.


Written and directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh as an ode to his childhood, this coming-of-age tale follows the early life of Buddy, a ten year-old boy growing up in 1960s Belfast. At this point in history, tensions in the city were high as political and religious beliefs clashed and began to spill over into the daily lives of its inhabitants. Buddy must try to navigate this complex and potentially dangerous world whilst also getting swept up in the music, culture and excitement of a city in the midst of change.

Yet, despite Buddy's youthful innocence, his mother and father are hatching a plan to find him a better life abroad. Belfast is a fascinating and emotional snapshot of history that also explores the meaning of home.

Addams Family Values

What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than by adding one of the creepiest, kookiest clans in cinema to our platform along with a film guide that explores some of the more interesting details of this darkly funny comedy. 

The Addams love to keep things spooky and they are about to get a new frightful addition to their strange but loving ranks. When Gomez and Morticia, the affectionate parents of Wednesday and Pugsley, bring the adorable Pubert into the world not everyone reacts with joy - especially the lonely, lovelorn Uncle Fester. However, the arrival of a mysterious new babysitter, and Fester's immediate infatuation with her, sets off a series of events that sees Wednesday and Pugsley shipped off to summer camp and Fester alienated from his family. Will the Addams ever be able to reconcile?

The Assistant

As the new trial against Harvey Weinstein begins, we explore the ongoing issues around misconduct and sexual harassment at work that sparked the #MeToo movement. In this unnerving drama, Jane is an aspiring film producer who has landed an assistant role with a film company. At the bottom of the job ladder, she works long hours for little recognition. A tense aura surrounds her powerful boss, an unseen media mogul who operates behind closed doors. 

The Assistant weaves together the daily workplace micro-aggressions that undermine Jane's confidence, until an uneasy realisation leads her to want to speak out.

Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig is one of the film industry's most sought after filmmakers right now and has a new film based around the famous Barbie toy hitting cinema screens in 2023 so what better time to revisit her debut film, the charming Lady Bird

It's the turn of the millennium and Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson is a strong-willed seventeen-year-old from the wrong side of the tracks in Sacramento, California, intent on leaving as soon as she graduates from her Catholic high school. But not before she experiences first love, joins the school musical and applies for college. During these formative months, Lady Bird must also contend with the tempestuous relationship she shares with her candid mother, as her father attempts to build a bridge between the two despite being jobless and battling depression. 

Lady Bird is an authentic, funny and moving coming of age tale centered on a mother-daughter relationship, based on Greta Gerwig's own experiences, with a tremendous performance from Saoirse Ronan in the lead role.


This comedy-fantasy superhero film was a surprise hit with audiences on release, owing its success to its themes of friendship, family and anti-bullying that continue to resonate with audiences the world over.

The story concerns Billy Batson, a streetwise 14 year-old living in Philadelphia with the Vasquez family. Attempting to adjust to his new school with the aid of his brother Freddy, Billy is targeted by bullies. As he attempts to escape them, Billy is transported into another realm the Rock of Eternity and is subsequently bestowed superpowers by a wizard who proclaims Billy to be pure of heart. Saying ‘Shazam!' turns the teenager into an adult superhero with various powers which he and Freddy gleefully put to the test. But the duo soon discover that Billy has been given these powers for a greater reason, and together must find and neutralize an evil doctor who has unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins upon the world.

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