Acclaimed Korean film Parasite leads this week's new releases

07 Feb 2020 in New Releases

3 mins

Finally arriving on British shores, this critically acclaimed, darkly comedic thriller from Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho explores Class discrimination and the pitfalls of excess.

The Kim family are struggling to make ends meet in their destitute and grubby basement apartment in Korea, resorting to stealing Wi-Fi from neighbours whilst getting fired from dead-end jobs. In a turn of fortune Ki-woo, the son of the family, is recommended as an English tutor by a friend and finds himself working for the affluent Parks in their stunning, modern mansion. Observing the naivety and ignorance of the Park clan, Ki-Woo and his family begin to devise a plan, full of lies and deceit, that will allow them to infiltrate this elite household and live in comfort and excess. However, greed slowly begins to take hold and their scheme soon becomes a quest for survival. 

Also out in cinemas this week

Dolittle; Mr. Jones; A Streetcar Named Desire

One Hollywood blockbuster, an historical thriller and a classic re-release make up the rest of the cinema schedule this week. First off, Dolittle stars Robert Downey Jr. as the titular doctor who discovers he can speak with animals. Recovering from a personal tragedy, he nevertheless sets off on a fantastical journey in order to save the Queen of England's life in this star-studded family film about identity and prejudice. 

Next up, Mr. Jones tells the true story of a Welsh journalist who travels to Russia in the 1930s to interview the larger-than-life political figure of Joseph Stalin, stumbling upon a scandal during his time there. Full of mystery and intrigue, this is the perfect film for those interested in journalism, history and ethics.

Lastly, A Streetcar Named Desire, starring the ever-watchable Marlon Brando returns to cinemas for a limited time. Considered Brando's breakout performance, this adaptation of Tennessee William's famous stage play sees tensions arrive when a Mississippi school teacher moves into a cramped, hot, New Orleans apartment with her sister and brother-in-law.

New to DVD this week


This biopic looks at the final years of one of Hollywood's most admired stars. Far from her cheerful and picture-perfect image, this film explores the hardships Judy Garland faced largely as a result of her fame as a child actor and traumatic early life. 

Set in London, where the star resided during a series of sold-out concerts undertaken to financially provide for her two children, Judy ceases to let her spark go as she meets her future fifth husband Mickey Deans and delivers chilling performances on stage. Yet the film does not ignore her battles with depression, substance abuse and the pressure of fame, all which took a devastating toll on her well-being. This is a touching drama on what made the actor such an enigmatic performer that also touches on her important role as an icon to many outsiders and the LGBTQ+ community.

Also out on DVD this week

The Farewell

Billi is a Chinese-American, born and raised in the United States, who has just been rejected for a prestigious arts fellowship. To make matters worse, she is then told her beloved Nai-Nai (Chinese for grandmother) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her family are returning to China to say goodbye. However, they do not want Nai-Nai to know she is sick and instead decide to stage an impromptu fake wedding so she can live out her final days in peace. 

Torn between Chinese traditional values and her western upbringing, Billi must figure out how to approach and understand this unique situation. Charming, funny and based on the director's real life experiences, this drama teaches valuable lessons about family, cross-cultural values and the difficulty of losing the ones you love.

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