The joyously endearing 'Patti Cake$' leads this week's new releases

01 Sep 2017 in New Releases

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Patti Cake$
Patti Cake$

New in cinemas this week is Patti Cake$, a joyously endearing film about an aspiring young rapper, who is told in no uncertain terms that she doesn't have what it takes - and who ignores the haters and follows her dreams anyway! Also released is romantic LGBT drama God's Own Country and documentary The Farthest, which looks at the Voyager space mission, which has now travelled farther from Earth than any object mankind has ever created.

Our reporter Ketsia sat down to interview Patti Cake$ director Geremy Jasper and actor Bridget Everett, who plays the film's aspiring hip hop star. The duo discussed the film and its music video-inspired visuals, and the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things. And then, unexpectedly, the pair turned the tables and began putting their own questions to Ketsia! Watch what happened below...

Also released in cinemas this week

New to order on DVD

The Zookeeper's Wife

Based on extraordinary real events, this World War II drama depicts what happened when two Polish zookeepers in Warsaw decided to use their war-destroyed zoo as a secret means of hiding Jewish people from Nazi persecution. The daring ploy saved many lives, but was placed under threat due to the pair's close working relationship with a local Nazi officer. A different sort of war film, this drama offers a different perspective on the period, and presents an astonishing and little-known true story.

Also new to order this week

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