Running a youth-led Into Film Club

21 Nov 2018

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Used for News pieces, Into Film Clubs are the Future
Used for News pieces, Into Film Clubs are the Future

Engaging with young people can be a challenge for youth workers and educators alike. Whether in the classroom or part of extra-curricular activities, there's a real need for diverse ways of learning and connecting with young people.

Into Film's extensive programme does just that, and with our Into Film Clubs offer proving to be a great way of building a community and encouraging peer-to-peer opportunities and support.

Running a youth-led Into Film Club

One youth club that continues to pave the way is Warrington Youth Film Club, who have been inspiring young people to become leaders and create their own unique film experience. Zac and Kyle are exemplars of young people taking the reins, and building their own projects that really work. 

The pair run all aspects of their Into Film Club, ensuring all ideas from their peers are taken on board, including the choice of film, the setting for the screening and beyond. This helps everyone to feel involved, and Warrington film club has quickly become more than just a space for young people to enjoy watching a film together - it is more profoundly a safe environment where they feel comfortable being open and exploring more complex issues; sharing their experience of growing up and dealing with life around them.

"Zak has a dual diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD and was being home-schooled when he joined the youth club", explains Warrington Youth Club Leader Nuvvy Sibia. "It was clear that Zak had a huge passion for all things related to film and cinema, so I suggested Zak supported me with film club.  Naturally this was a considerable challenge but Zak decided to give it a go, and the rest, as they say, is history".

Champion young people to take the reins

Within a very short space of time, Zak gained confidence, became happier and, crucially, returned to full-time education. Warrington Youth Film Club has gone from strength to strength ever since, moving from a monthly screening to a fortnightly one due to high demand! In early 2015, Zak asked one of his oldest friends, Kyle to join the project. With Kyle sharing a similar interest in film to Zak and having a very sharp sense of humour to boot, this was a no-brainer for the film club. Zak and Kyle have since taken the project to a new level, opening film club nights up to local families and engaging the whole community.

I grew more interested and began running the film club for my friends, which has given me a real sense of purpose in life. Everyone is welcome and we are like one big family.

Zak, young person and Into Film Club leader

Zak and Kyle have truly become role models for their peers. Their hard work has developed a supportive network for young people and a community who come together to enjoy spending time with each other.

Start your Into Film Club

Into Film Clubs are free for state-funded schools and non-school settings, such as youth clubs and libraries. Why not start a free Into Film Club today and you'll get access to our catalogue of over 3,000 films, enrichment focussed resources, priority booking for free screenings and events including the Into Film Festival the largest youth film festival in the world!

Being a part of Into Film has changed my life for the greater good and I will treasure every moment to come. I feel confident now talking to people in social situations and sharing my opinions. I am a much more active person and feel I am more accepted into society.

Zak, young person and Into Film Club leader

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