New MCU Hero ‘Shang-Chi’ leads this week’s new releases

01 Sep 2021 in New Releases

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After a lengthy delay, a new superhero is ready to make his big screen debut as a new sector of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unearthed whilst a documentary inspired by an old photograph explores the misunderstood community of Toxteth, Liverpool. We also have a new short documentary about one girl's efforts to change the world appearing on our streaming service and two new DVDs to order for your summer film club.

Safety is of course at the forefront of everyone's mind right now so make sure to check out the specific guidelines for your local cinema before visiting. Meanwhile, many cinemas have used lockdown as an opportunity to improve and renovate their venues so that we can all enjoy the best possible cinema experience.

New in cinemas

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This genre-blending blockbuster sees a primarily Asian cast tackle themes and cultural constructs that are key to Asian identity whilst also serving up the thrills and excitement that are expected from this familiar superhero world. Shang-Chi is a gifted Chinese martial-arts warrior living a secret life in San Francisco as a car valet named Shaun. When he, along with his best friend and wildcard Katy, is suddenly attacked by soldiers sent by his father, he is forced to confront his past and venture into the unknown. As the search for the infamous ten magic rings that give his father his power reaches a climax, Shang-Chi must find a way to resolve his identity, understand his grief and learn to forgive his family for their past mistakes.

Also new in cinemas

Almost Liverpool 8

In this documentary, a group of filmmakers are inspired by a photo of Toxteth taken in the 1970s by photojournalist Don McCullin to explore the community as it stands now. This inner-city area of Liverpool, also known by its postcode ‘Liverpool 8', is historically known as a working-class and diverse area, where many religions and cultures co-exist, but which has been unfortunately known for a high rate of unemployment and crime. The film explores, through different approaches by local filmmakers, the Toxteth of today and heads to the crux of the often-misunderstood community - the residents that make it such a unique place, ranging from artists to beekeepers. This creative documentary is a warm portrait of a community and explores contemporary issues in the UK.

New on streaming


Into Film have spent the summer acquiring new short films for our Into Film+ streaming platform, free for any school or educator to enjoy. This particular short documentary could not be more prescient as it follows Eve, a nine-year-old girl who lives with her parents and brother in an off-grid sustainable community in the UK countryside. Her parents previously decided to leave the city to lead a life that is less wasteful, and which involves a slower pace of living. Here we see how they live amongst nature, growing food from the ground and co-existing in a rural community. Eve is passionate about environmental issues and the film also follows her involvement in activism. As Eve prepares to return to the traditional school system after a long break, she and her parents reflect on the challenges that might arise from living differently from others. This documentary discusses the many ways sustainability can be practiced and asks questions about how social norms impact environmental action.

New on DVD

Luca; Come Away

Two new fantasy adventures that differ greatly in style arrive on DVD this week for your summer film clubs to enjoy. This includes Luca, which made a splash on streaming earlier this year, an animated film set in a beautiful Italian coastal town during the summer of 1959. It follows the titular sea monster as he befriends a cocky older monster named Alberto as they both sneak out onto the surface where they are turned into human boys for the day and partake in a number of jaunty adventures. Luca is a sweet coming-of-age tale about friendship and growing up which also provides a gentle introduction to Italian culture and language-learning.

Come Away, meanwhile, takes on timeless childhood stories, reimagining Peter Pan and curious Alice as siblings growing up on the outskirts of Victorian London. Alongside their older brother, David, they let their imaginations run wild in the English countryside across a blissful summer. Their make-believe tea-parties, sword fights and pirate ship adventures come to an abrupt end, however, when tragedy strikes in the family with David's sudden death. With their parents struggling to cope with the loss, Peter and Alice travel into London to try and help. Ultimately this leads them on separate adventures, as Alice journeys down the rabbit hole and Peter finds his way into a separate magical realm as leader of the "Lost Boys". Come Away is an enchanting tale which explores the joy of storytelling and childhood adventures while also tackling hard-hitting subjects such as grief.

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