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14 Jun 2021

6 mins
Primary school students
Primary school students

Following a challenging year of online learning and periods of isolation caused by the ongoing pandemic, summer schools have become increasingly important to governments in order to regain attainment and to provide ongoing mental health support to vulnerable students.

We have selected a range of our resources that can assist educators running summer school programmes. These curriculum-linked resources offer practical activities that support the Summer of Play campaign by covering topics such as filmmaking, transition and wellbeing, and can be used as extended group projects or even delivered as stand alone units for group work. All harness the power of film and filmmaking as a means of escapism, entertainment and engagement.

Get Into Animation: Six Sessions from Story to Screen

Building on the Six Sessions from Story to Screen filmmaking resources, this practical resource guides young people through the process of making an animation, from idea to exhibiting the film. With guidance videos from Animating Education and examples from youth-made shorts, young people will be inspired to create their own films.

Budding filmmakers may also be interested in entering our Film of the Month competition.

Spotlight on Music: Primary and Spotlight on Music: Secondary

Harnessing the power of film sound tracking gives young people the opportunity to perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across the genre of film music. Even if young people have no experience of playing instruments, the resources support them to be able to contribute to the music-making process. This is by experimenting with different poetry forms at primary level whereas the secondary version supports Music, Media Studies and General Studies at GCSE level.

Mindfulness Through Film

This mental wellbeing resource produced in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation uses clips from feature films and youth-made short films as the stimulus. Teachers and their learners will be guided through a series of awareness-building activities such as mindful colouring and filmmaking.

Into Film's Review 500 competition will be running throughout the summer period and is open to Into Film club members who can submit reviews for the chance to win exciting prizes.

Suitable for primary-aged pupils

Story Builder

The 3Cs and 3Ss of film, story, setting, sound, character, colour and camera form the building blocks for learners to construct their own film narratives. Children can work through the activities by themselves or in groups and once they have completed the interactive and engaging activity pack, they would have completed the pre-production stage of the filmmaking process.

WonderPark: Imagination and Invention

Challenge your learners aged 7 to 11 to create their own 3D model theme park inspired by the film Wonder Park and supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering. With curriculum links to Science, Maths and Design and Technology, pupils will learn about the forces that impact on rollercoasters, before planning, constructing and testing their very own rollercoasters in groups.

Sonic Skills: Set for Success

A PE resource that covers aspects of mindfulness, physical and mental wellbeing for use with learners aged 9-13. It is inspired by the film Sonic the Hedgehog and supported by Youth Sport Trust.

Your Reading Journey Through Film

Children can document their summer reading by creating vlogs, book trailers and short films based on their selected texts. The accompanying resource, Book Reviews and Trailers on Film supports home learners to produce their own vlog review and book trailer.

Suitable for students aged 11+

Primary to Secondary Transition Assembly

Back to School: Making a Fresh Start

Moving from primary to secondary school is a turbulent time for many young people. This adaptable resource with extension activities, guides children in the final year of primary school and kickstarts their secondary school journey with examples of three key areas of concern: making new friends, believing in yourself and working together.

By analysing clips of young people of transition age in a range of feature and documentary films including Akeelah and the Bee and Mad Hot Ballroom, pupils can discuss themes and suggest strategies to help the protagonists.

This resource supports the new Respectful Relationships initiative by including the friendships guidance section of the National Curriculum for Relationships Education for primary and Relationships and Sex Education (Secondary).

Careers in Film Through Art and Design

Challenge your students aged 7-14 to use their powers of deduction to analyse a film still for clues about the production and characters before they design their own art direction. More resources matching careers in the film industry to the curriculum on the Careers theme page

Ethel and Ernest on Into Film+

Raymond Briggs' captivating biographical animation depicting his parents' life, Ethel and Ernest, is now available to stream on Into Film+, the UK's first free* streaming platform dedicated to film and designed for all school settings.

Stream Ethel and Ernest directly into your summer school classroom and engage your learners with a range of animation activities with the accompanying resource. Materials range from creating their own storyboard and interviewing eye witnesses to creating 2D animations including thaumatropes and flick books inspired by the film.

Stream Ethel and Ernest on Into Film+

With over 150 films suitable for school audiences, each with accompanying educational activities, explore how Into Film+ can transform your classroom this summer and beyond.

Ethel and Ernest resource available in English and Welsh

*Screenings for an entertainment or extra-curricular purpose require a Public Video Screening License (PVS License) from Filmbankmedia. Filmbankmedia PVS Licenses are paid for on behalf of schools by all local authorities in England and by some local authorities in both Wales and Scotland. Into Film NI cover the license cost for some schools in Northern Ireland. For further information on licensing in your locality please see our FAQs

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