Behind the scenes of Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Part 3

30 Jan 2015

8 mins
Behind the scenes of Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Part 3

The third and final part of our video series going exclusively behind the scenes at Aardman Animations has arrived, and completes Jess' journey into the filmmaking process of Shaun the Sheep The Movie.

Having learnt all about storyboarding, character creation, and the art of stop-motion itself, the only thing left is for Jess to learn about the film's sound. Jess discovers the importance of music and sound effects in a dialogue-free film, and uncovers some of the secrets behind Foley art, learning how to create the illusion of footsteps, squeaky chairs and closing doors using various everyday materials and props.

Jess even gets a few last filmmaking tips from the esteemed narrator of our videos - have you worked out who it is yet?

Download the final Green Light to Opening Night Resources

For part three of our resources on Shaun the Sheep The Movie we're focusing on the importance of sound to a film, including the creative use of Foley sound to produce a wealth of different sound effects, and the way music can subtly influence an audience's emotions and expectations within a scene. This resource further provides teachers and young people with the tools to create an effective short film at their club.

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