'Cinema Rex' and 8 more new shorts now on Into Film+

11 May 2022 in Into Film+

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Cinema Rex
Cinema Rex

We have 9 fantastic new short films to share with a wide range of Into Film+ club account holders. A mix of live-action, animation, documentary, and fiction, from filmmakers in the UK, France, Germany, and Israel, these titles creatively explore topics such as race, identity, diversity, friendship, refugees and migration, language, mindfulness, and the power of cinema. All of these titles are immediately available to watch on Into Film+.

Cinema Rex

This vibrant animation from Israel tells the story of a little boy and girl who are united in friendship through the power of cinema. In a divided city, two kids from rival sides meet at the Cinema Rex; he only speaks Hebrew and she only knows Arabic. Despite their differences, they don't recognise prejudice, but instead find a common passion through the big screen as it transports them to a whole new world.

You can watch a snippet of Cinema Rex below.

Blue Curry

Another vibrant animation, this time from France, which explores similar themes around identity and diversity but in a very different way. As he prepares his science project on the topic of the solar system, an inquisitive young boy with blue skin asks his mother, who is purple, why they look different. She decides the best way of demonstrating why diversity is such a good thing is through making a curry, and the ingredients that need to go into it.

Our Wales

This fast-paced, live-action documentary celebrates the varied experiences of living in Wales through contributions from different people. Some of them were born in Wales, others moved there; some speak Welsh while others don't, or are learning; all talk positively about what Wales means to them, from culture to community, in this uplifting production.

Being Black

Being Black is also a live-action short, though it contains more hard-hitting topics. Inspired by a series of tweets, it initially focuses on the stereotypes and prejudice faced by Black people on a daily basis in the UK and around the world. These regular microaggressions include interactions with the police, perceived behaviour in public, hair and fashion, and much more, but this British film also culminates with a celebratory spoken word message about the positives of being part of the Black community.

Blue Bottle

This gentle, meditative animation - also from Britain - tells the simple story of a hot water bottle. With a stripped-back watercolour palette and a soothing score, the hot water bottle looks for purpose in its life after it has fulfilled its need by making its owner warm.


Another British animation, Pengugee tackles pertinent topics around refugees, migration, and climate change, as well as societal attitudes towards them. Olivia and Gavin are a childless middle-aged couple who see an advert to ‘adopt a penguin' on the television, so she calls up to do so. They aren't expecting such a literal response, however, and Gavin is initially less than impressed when the penguin turns up at their door to live with them… but slowly changes his ways.

Missing Migrants

An animation which tackles a similar theme is Missing Migrants, a very short film which highlights an important and often overlooked topic: families losing touch with loved ones after migrating to a different country. This informative documentary highlights the issues involved with the process whilst imploring empathy through its creative use of animation.


This lighthearted and playful animation from Germany follows the adventures of an energetic hamster who is desperate to catch up with his female friend. Despite travelling all around the world - passing notable landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Great Wall of China - he can't seem to make up any ground, but that won't stop Bob from running…


Finishing with another German animation, Zing is a story about a sinister man named Mr. Grimm. He is the Reaper, and his job is to harvest souls when the time comes. He cuts the cord to signal their passing from this life into the next, but when a little girl - who is supposed to be his next victim - knocks at his door, everything changes for Mr. Grimm.

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