'Cwch Deilen' and 6 More New Shorts Now On Into Film+

04 Oct 2022

3 mins

Short films are an accessible way to introduce new topics and generate discussion among young people. We have added seven brand new short films on Into Film+ that offer opportunities to explore a wide range of topics, including the cost of living, creativity, inclusion and cultural heritage. From Wales to New Zealand, these short productions represent a great diversity in visual style and storytelling, celebrating the infinite possibilities of creative expression in filmmaking to inspire young people of all ages.

Cwch Deilen (Leaf Boat)

This Welsh-language hand-drawn animation celebrates the whirlwind of love and relationships through beautiful visuals and sensitive emotional dialogue. As with all great adventures, love is about facing vulnerabilities and overcoming fears together. Two women explore a sea-side town, and as they grow closer, they imagine sailing away on a leaf boat, just the two of them, learning to manage their worries about getting hurt or losing their way.


Our second Welsh-language addition is a short moving drama about dealing with the trauma of wartime experiences, understood from the perspective of Cai, a young boy living on a Welsh coastal resort. Out wandering one day Cai comes across a lonely boy not much older than him, who has been living on the beach. Unsure how to help the refugee boy, whose name is Amir, Cai gets his father involved, who has recently returned from war and is struggling to readjust.

In a Room Full of Sisters

Also produced in Wales and featuring the distinct urban landscape of Cardiff, this short film is accompanied by the filmmaker's own stirring poem celebrating the strength of sisterhood and the power of clothes when we wear them with pride. In a series of striking portraits of young Somali women, the colourful, traditional Somali dress called Dirac becomes a symbol of unapologetically embracing cultural heritage and diversity.


A further celebration of self expression comes from this Matisse-inspired stop-frame animation that takes a look at the inner life of person with disabilities and their outlook on the world around them. The film's protagonist discovers a world of vibrancy, warmth, and colour inside an art gallery, where their imagination come alive. Conceived and created by a disabled filmmaker, this short film is a testament to the power of creativity.


Different spaces and encounters can offer fresh perspectives on life. In this live-action short film, a young New Zealand girl learns an important lesson about the cost of basic necessities and the role of compassion in a community. Hoping to buy some sweets with her pocket money, the young protagonist meets an elderly man in a shop who is unable to pay for bread and milk. Presenting young audiences with an accessible conversation about affordability and the difference between want and need, this short film is also about kindness and connecting with people.


From good deeds to not-so-good deeds: this playful animation features a pickpocket who targets fellow passengers on a tram - until he falls headlong into a world of trickery that will surely teach him once and for all not to steal or judge others by their appearance. With plenty of slapstick comedy, this non-dialogue animation is a delightful tribute to traditional magic shows.


With further magic and just in time for Halloween, this non-dialogue animation explores friendship and new adventures. A young girl who has just moved to a new neighbourhood is hesitant about making friends, but as she carves a pumpkin on her own she receives a shock when it magically comes to life, and together the two new friends embark on a fun-filled evening of tricks and treats.

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