Storymaker - The Gruffalo Edition app launches

20 Jan 2016

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A bank of cross-curricular activities and technical guidance to support the
A bank of cross-curricular activities and technical guidance to support the
  • Please note: our Storymaker: The Gruffalo Edition app is currently undergoing some maintenance on the App Store and will be available to download again soon. Please check back.

We are pleased to announce the release of our innovative new literacy focused iPad app and teaching resource - Into Film Storymaker: The Gruffalo Edition, developed in partnership with Magic Light Pictures.

Designed for key stage 1 (and useful also for older pupils who have SEN or English as a second language), the exciting new app enables students to develop their reading, writing, speaking, listening and technical skills by interacting with popular fictional character The Gruffalo.

For the very first time, users can record their own dialogue, music and sound effects for a number of selected clips from The Gruffalo, and create their own unique version of the award-winning film. This new platform will allow students to apply their creative skills to an a professional film and is currently the only app to be supported by an extensive teaching resource.

There is lots in there education wise - speaking and listening. Play is such an important part of learning at this age. Some students find it hard to articulate themselves so giving them the chance to have several goes at reading or saying something in their own time like this is valuable to them.

Russell Hardy, a teacher at Bookwell Primary School in Cumbria.

Highlights from Into Film Storymaker: The Gruffalo Edition include the ability to watch key moments from The Gruffalo film and for users to record their voices over the top of the clip using subtitles from the original script, or creating a new narrative completely. Users can add depth to the scenes by choosing suitable soundtracks to enhance the mood, or record their own sound effects. Each creation can then be saved to the device and shared in class.

This new platform for learning can be downloaded from the Apple app store and accessed by any school, college or youth organisation that runs a free film club with Into Film.

Start a film club for free.

If you are an existing Club Leader, simply pick up an iPad and download Storymaker for Educators: The Gruffalo Edition from The App Store. Open the app, and log in using your Club Leader username and password to get started.

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