Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 this week's new DVD releases.

07 May 2021 in New Releases

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We are all incredibly excited for many cinemas around the country to open their doors to audiences again in mid-May but, here at Into Film, we believe that the capacity for film to entertain and educate has never truly disappeared.

This week we'd like to highlight two blockbuster releases arriving on DVD, now available for your film club to order and screen, alongside four short films from the United Kingdom, accessible to anyone who has a free Into Film account, that deal with various aspects of British culture and society.

New Films On DVD For Your Film Club

Tenet; Wonder Woman 1984

Two of this summer's most eagerly anticipated films were sadly hampered, like many things, by the global pandemic we were all dealing with. The good news, however, is that they have now become available on DVD for us to enjoy at home and at our film clubs around the country. 

Tenet is director Christopher Nolan's most ambitious film yet, following an unnamed protagonist as he navigates a shady world of crime that is somehow tied to a mysterious ability to travel forward and backwards in time. Full of groundbreaking special effects, this challenging film is a great example of cinema pushing boundaries in terms of both story and spectacle. Wonder Woman 1984 takes us back in time as the Amazonian superhero, now undercover as a museum curator, must deal with a new threat whilst also coming to terms with the sudden reappearance of her lost love. Celebratory and pulsating, this new addition to the DC universe puts ethical human dilemmas right next to blockbuster action.

New Shorts From Into Film

Nuraiyah; Their They're There; Drone Strike; Faces

First up is Nuraiyah, a 90 second long micro documentary told from the perspective of a 7-year old inner city girl. Full of accidental poetry and optimism, this is a perfect golden nugget of a film that is bound to get a classroom talking whilst also showcasing how anyone can be the subject of their own film. Their They're There, meanwhile, deals with a subject that almost all young people have to face at some point in their lives - the school exam. Inclusive and important, this short film, a hybrid of live-action and animation, could start important conversations around the pertinent topic of educational pressure.

Drone Strike, the longest film of the four at twenty minutes, is a fantastic thriller for a slightly older audience. Set partly in England and partly in Afghanistan, the film explores the ethics of war by showing the parallelly mornings of two families - both wildly different but also more similar than you might think at first glance. Lastly, Faces is a powerful and intimate documentary that gives a platform for four young people of mixed-race backgrounds to tell their own stories in their own words, giving us insight into cultural values we may not be aware of. 

New Film Guides to Download

Summerland; The Perfect Candidate; Misbehaviour; Queen & Slim

Our film guides are built to aid educators in the classroom or at home, using a framework of discussion points and activities for young people to consider films in new and invigorating ways. Here are four new film guides on films directed by women to get stuck into at home or with your film clubs. As well as having strong female characters at the center of each of these films, they also showcase the wide variety of ways in which women filmmakers are using cinema to tell exciting and fresh stories.

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