Spooky Animation The Addams Family Leads This Week's New Releases

24 Oct 2019 in New Releases

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The Addams Family
The Addams Family

Everyone's favourite weird household is back on the big screen this Halloween in a fresh animated take on the ghoulish Addams Family. Expect family friendly frights as Gomez, Morticia and Wednesday, amongst many others, make their way to a cinema near you.

In this version, their lives are turned upside down when they learn that their neighbouring town is led by a reality TV host who is aiming to re-build the world in her own image… one which doesn't include the Addams family within it! Meanwhile, Wednesday begins attending public school for the first time which causes some unexpected changes in her, and the extended Addams family from around the world are set to arrive for a major celebration.

Also out in cinemas this week

Hoop Dreams 

For older students, this re-release of the 1994 documentary classic Hoop Dreams holds wide appeal. Starting with the platform of two American high school students who are both hoping to become professional basketball players in the NBA, the film goes on to explore wider topics such as race, social economics and the American Dream. This landmark film is a great example of the documentary form being used in an artistic and progressive way.

New to DVD this week

Toy Story 4

This heartfelt and typically funny entry into the Toy Story franchise reunites the audience with Woody, Buzz and pals whilst also introducing some new, strange toys into the mix as well.

After Bo Peep leaves Woody and the rest of her friends behind, Woody's new kid, Bonnie, is set to start kindergarten. Struggling with the anxiety of going somewhere new and worried about making friends, Bonnie crafts a toy friend from a spork on her first day who then magically comes to life after she writes her name on the bottom of it. Quickly realising how important Forky is in Bonnie's life the thing that gives her comfort and security when she needs it the most Woody resolves to protect the new toy at all costs.

Also new to DVD this week

Support the Girls; The Queen's Corgi; Men in Black: International

Mature comedy Support the Girls breathes fresh life into the workplace drama as we spend a turbulent day in the life of Lisa, the manager of a self proclaimed "sports bar with curves". Fast paced and with a female-centric spin, this is a perfect chance to explore 21st century feminism with older students.

The Queen's Corgi, meanwhile, is a CGI-animated family film that follows Rex, the Queen's favourite dog, as he accidentally finds himself miles from home and desperate to find his way back. This colourful and engaging film is packed full of silly humour which celebrates the British royal family as well as the country's love of dogs.

Lastly, Men in Black: International reboots one of Hollywood's biggest science fiction franchises, bringing new, worldwide insight into the Men in Black, a secret organisation which polices all alien activity on Planet Earth. Seen through the eyes of new recruit Agent M, this is a action packed addition to the franchise with a refreshing female lead.

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