Superhero-noir The Batman leads March's new releases

04 Mar 2022 in New Releases

4 mins

March is here and with it, a selection of cinema releases eagerly anticipated by audiences nationwide. This month sees a familiar superhero detective swoop down onto cinema screens in a new, darker thriller that explores his early years in Gotham City whilst, closer to home, romance blossoms in Bradford and a regular man from Cumbria becomes a cult sporting hero. 

The Batman - in cinemas 4 March

Taking place near the start of his career as a vigilante detective, this new, darker, take on the superhero myth aims to delve deeper into what makes the caped crusader tick. After a series of grisly murders targeting the political elite take place in Gotham City, a new villain emerges, leaving enigmatic clues behind and calling himself The Riddler. Seeking justice, youthful crime-fighting billionaire Bruce Wayne sets out to uncover the ugly truth behind the city's seedy underworld whilst also dealing with mob boss The Penguin, a mysterious but alluring thief named Selina Kyle and his own personal demons. Playing to an older audience and with a unique superhero performance from Robert Pattinson, this version of the Batman draws from noir and contemporary true crime to refresh a familiar character.

Ali & Ava - in cinemas 4 March

Telling a blissfully romantic and often underrepresented love story between older, working class adults, Ali & Ava is an ode to the north of England and the unflappable journey of falling in love. When talkative landlord Ali and hardworking single mother Ava meet during an excessively rainy day in Bradford, they immediately sense a strong bond beginning to form through their shared love of music. Although they have both been struggling with loneliness for different reasons, their new friendship soon blossoms into romance but they hesitate to start a relationship for a number of reasons, not least of which the social and cultural barriers that exist in their working class town. Unable to ignore their feelings for long, they soon find themselves caught between familial pressure, racial prejudice and the need for companionship.

The Phantom of the Open - in cinemas 18 March

A film for anyone who has ever been told "No", this is the story of the eternally optimistic Maurice Flitcroft who, after losing his long-held job as a crane operator in Cumbria, makes the decision to change careers entirely. After seeing a golf game on his new television, he accidentally enters the British Open as a professional and proceeds to shoot the worst round of golf ever seen at the tournament. Unphased by his newfound fame and consistently prohibited by the condescending golfing world from improving his game, Maurice becomes determined to enter the tournament again under a different name. Although his ever-adoring wife encourages him throughout his endeavors, he finds that his eldest son might not be as supportive, and a rift begins to form between them. Delightfully eccentric, The Phantom of the Open is a funny but sincere film about ignoring the hurdles in your way and forging your own, distinctive path to success.

More films released in March

Rebellion - in cinemas 18 March

The first feature-length documentary to tell the behind the scenes story of Extinction Rebellion from its launch in 2018, Rebellion captures the human drama of social movements first hand and questions the health of our democracy, as we witness the right to protest come under attack.

River - in cinemas 18 March

Narrated by Willem Dafoe and shot with breathtaking drone footage, this documentary charts the ongoing and often surprising relationship between people and rivers, focusing on the way they have shaped humanities future across time. 

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