Eco-doc The Biggest Little Farm leads this week's cinema releases

28 Nov 2019 in New Releases

3 mins
The Biggest Little Farm
The Biggest Little Farm

After their adorable rescue dog Todd causes them to be evacuated from their urban home for incessant barking, John and Molly Chester decide to follow their dream of creating a sustainable farm together. 

They move to a rural area outside of Los Angeles and have 200 acres of land to mold into their own vision, aided by their mentor and friend, Alan. Shot over eight years, this enlightening documentary highlights their various struggles, challenges and triumphs along the way, as they aim to create a biodiverse haven for all creatures, great and small. The Biggest Little Farm educates young audiences about the food chain, farming practices, nature, and issues around life and death in an accessible way.

Also new in cinemas this week

Knives Out; Charlie's Angels; The Street

One of 2019's most talented casts comes together for this excellent pastiche/love letter to the whodunit films of yesteryear. After celebrated novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead in his home the morning after his birthday party, a charismatic southern detective is brought in to determine whether foul play is afoot. Blending comedy and mystery together with great panache, Knives Out also tackles themes of race, immigration and privilege.

Meanwhile, Charlie's Angels is the latest film to be rebooted for a new audience. The three new Angels must embark on their biggest challenge yet when a young systems engineer warns them of a dangerous technology that can trigger fatal seizures when used. Action-packed and featuring plenty of familiar faces, the story sees the three Angels putting their unique skills to the test and their lives on the line to protect the public from disaster.

Lastly, The Street is a timely documentary which examines the myriad of social, economic and cultural changes occurring on Hoxton Street in London as it tackles the overwhelming push of gentrification with the threat of Brexit looming over the country. Perfect for introducing students to an important subject on a grassroots level.

Out on DVD this week

Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans

Atti is a resourceful Roman teenager whose wits more than make up for his lack of physicality, even if he sometimes bends the rules. But when his latest scheme lands him in hot water with Emperor Nero, Atti is horrified to learn of his punishment: he's forced to join the Roman army and exiled to cold, wet Britain where they are attempting to quash the rebellion.

The natives are revolting, led by formidable warrior Boudicca, and a feisty young Celt is desperate to join her quest despite the protests of her overly-cautious father. Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans is both fun and educational, a laugh-out-loud, lively introduction to ancient history and how it compares to the modern day.

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