Bring the legend to life with previews of 'The Kid Who Would Be King'

11 Jan 2019

6 mins
Bring the legend to life with previews of 'The Kid Who Would Be King'

We're thrilled to announce that, following on from our recent Reshape your Realm writing competition, we're continuing to celebrate the upcoming cinema release of new action adventure The Kid Who Would Be King (in cinemas Feb 15), and you can now book exclusive school preview screenings of the film as well!

Big congratulations to Larena, aged 9, from Allen Edwards Primary School in London, whose Reshape your Realm entry impressed director Joe Cornish so much that he personally selected her as the winner of an exclusive preview of The Kid Who Would Be King for her entire class. You can read (and see!) Larena's winning entry further down this page.

Cornish said of Larena's entry: "I love that this potential Royal has taken the time to write her entry by hand and accompany her proposal with drawings. After all, it's important that a queen captures the eye of her public as well as their hearts and minds. I also admire her dedication to the important issues of the environment, equality, personal rights and health care."

The personality and charisma of this entry really jumped off the page and I hope she and her friends have a great time at their very special screening!

Joe Cornish, Director

Following on from this exciting competition, and to share more cinematic magic with pupils, we've partnered with 20th Century Fox to offer more UK schools the opportunity to see The Kid Who Would Be King before it hits cinemas, with special preview screenings taking place on Friday 8 February. What's more, students can submit their questions about the film or the making of it to director Joe Cornish for a chance to hear him answer them on the big screen on the day!

Questions should be submitted to us before the end of the day on Thursday 24 January. To submit your questions, simply browse the screening locations below and book your tickets - once you've booked you'll be prompted to submit your questions. Be quick - tickets are first-come, first-served and subject to availability.

The Kid Who Would Be King preview screenings

The Kid Who Would Be King sees an ordinary 12-year-old boy named Alex face his destiny after he inadvertently stumbles across King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur in a London building site. Supported by a team of friends, Alex and his new Knights of the Round Table must go up against medieval myths and legends as they crash into the modern world and threaten our very existence. It might be dangerous… but when was saving the world ever easy?

Reshape Your Realm Competition Winner

And if that wasn't enough to inspire you, here's the winning entry to the Reshape your Realm writing competition, where pupils were asked to consider what they would do if they found themselves King or Queen for a day. Below is Larena's winning entry, as selected by Joe Cornish, including her lovingly hand-drawn illustrations to further demonstrate her royal wishes.

As Queen, I would prevent air pollution by having a Green Day.

This would be where everyone would have to recycle and stop themselves from driving.

I would make sure that everyone is treated equally and that the poor could get some money, as I would happily lend them some. This way I would make sure that all the rights are seen and heard and that every child would be able to live a happy healthy life. I know that the rights are important and should apply to everyone under the age of 18. Everyone should feel motivated after seeing how many children are being forced to work and not getting the education and health care that they deserve.We should endeavor to achieve the best possible health care for those in need.

I will make sure that our environment is safe and protected. No-one will be left out or unsafe. We might all be different as individuals, but as a community we are equal and together we are like one person. Everyone should know that ‘there is no I in team.' If you win a game you win for your team. Participation and Equality. 2 very important things. If you strive to achieve your best anything is possible.

Winning entry of Reshape your Realm competition
Winning entry of Reshape your Realm competition 2

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