Discussing Mental Health on Time to Talk Day

01 Feb 2018

6 mins
Where The Wild Things Are
Where The Wild Things Are

1 February is Time to Talk day, an important event organised by mental health movement Time to Change, who are working to abolish mental health discrimination and to open up a wider conversation around young people's attitudes to mental health - "to talk, to listen, to change lives."

Discussing mental health issues makes them considerably easier to cope with, but far too many people end up feeling shame at admitting to them, or isolation when they keep them to themselves. Time to Talk day is a perfect opportunity to continue to break down stigmas surrounding mental health issues and instigate these essential conversations - particularly in schools.

Whether you're hoping to engage a class or a film club, Time to Talk is extremely easy to get involved in, thanks to a school-specific page on the organisation's official website, which directs you towards session plans, blogs and videos, mental health service signposting and the option to sign up to future assemblies and lesson plans. Time to Change have also provided an interactive map of all activities taking place across the UK, so children can engage with any exciting events taking place in their region - or even create their own!

Here at Into Film, we believe this is a fantastic opportunity to make children more intellectually and emotionally aware of the mental health issues that could affect their friends, family or themselves. Our Emotional Wellbeing film list, and mindfulness resource, highlighted below, can help you put together the most rewarding day possible to complement the Time to Talk initiative.

Our very own Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Founder of World of Self-Care and Time to Change Champion, Georgia Dodsworth (20) will be speaking at Screen on the Green (the Islington branch of Everyman cinemas) today, between 5pm-10pm to mark Time to Talk Day. In addition to this, the cinema is 'banning' all screenings today and instead dedicating its premises to hosting discussions on mental health awareness. 

World of Self-Care is a platform and self-care movement which explores self-care, self-love and mental wellbeing, and is inspired by Georgia's battles with her own mental health. As founder of World of Self-Care, Georgia will also be hosting ‘An Evening of Self-Care' at Rich Mix in London on 14 March.

When Georgia's mental health severely deteriorated, resulting in her seeking urgent medical help, she began a self-care practice that has not only changed her life, but also inspired her to share her journey and begin helping others, teaching people to use arts-based practices to create their own self-care tools, through facilitating Self-Care workshops at venues such as the Southbank Centre. We're extremely proud to be working with Georgia in supporting her work at opening up discussions around young people's mental health.

Listen to our podcast discussing films suitable for exploring emotional wellbeing. Also available on itunes.

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