Why Run a Film Club?

09 Sep 2016

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Group of children watching films in a club
Group of children watching films in a club

The start of a new academic year is the perfect time to set up a first film club, re-launch an existing club, or - for established leaders - to even start an additional film club for a new year group. Back to school doesn't have to be daunting - film club can provide a fantastic means of reengaging pupils for a new academic year, or help to ease transition for those making the jump from Primary to Secondary or to a brand new school.

For educators considering starting an Into Film Club, or perhaps just seeking a refresher on what a club is and what it can offer and achieve, we've created a useful round-up detailing how you can use our curated film catalogue, educational resources and more to take your pupils on a fun, informative and unforgettable journey with film…

Clubs are free

First of all, it's important to note that into film clubs are free for state funded school and non-school settings, such as youth clubs, cinemas and libraries. They are easy to set up and provide a flexible model that can be tailored to the social and academic needs of a pupil, and/or school or youth setting.

What is a club?

Into Film Clubs give you the chance to provide children and young people with the opportunity for meaningful engagement with film. This includes access to thousands of films specially selected with educators and young people in mind, together with accompanying film guides, resources, exclusive film industry opportunities and ways to get pupils involved with review writing, film discussions, classroom activities, reporting, and filmmaking.

Review Writing and filmmaking are particularly fun and important elements of a club, and we celebrate this with a regular Review of the Week competition and an ongoing Film of the Month competition.

Our clubs are flexible and can be run during lunch periods, before school or after-school. While it's a club leader's job to set-up and oversee proceedings, we find that often it's the members themselves that begin to step up and take ownership of their club. 

Our Education Resources range from extensive Assemblies, to quicker, discussion-sparking Film Guides which can be run through in half an hour. 

And don't worry if you don't consider yourself to be a film expert much of our offer is designed to be accessible to all, and our film catalogue is easily searchable to pinpoint the films that might be most relevant to you and your club.

What are the benefits?

Running a club is hugely beneficial for both educators and young people, and has been proven to foster social development, as well as improving inter-personal relationships between club leaders and young people. Film clubs provide a safe space for young people to grow, flourish and gain confidence as well as creating a sense of unity across age ranges, social classes and ethnicities through a shared appreciation of film.

81% of club leaders say that using film has improved young people's imagination and creativity, and 78% say it has improved their speaking and listening skills, and overall enjoyment of learning. 

The Into Film offer can also be of huge benefit to teachers, with our extensive CPD Programme offering plenty of support to help you use film as a teaching tool, and explore new ways to deliver the curriculum in the classroom.

Watching a wide array of film in a regular, communal setting inspires in young people a love of cinema, and a desire and enthusiasm to discover more. With the tools we provide, you can start a young person's journey into film.

A Programme Coordinator is available to assist club leaders through troubleshooting, offering advice, connecting them to their local wider cinema and arts infrastructure, and keeping them informed of opportunities as they arise. 

We also provide everything you need to run and promote your club, including posters, membership cards, and of course the films themselves.

But don't just take our word for it - read what other club leaders have said about their experience of running a film club:

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