World Children's Day - Celebrating the Rights of the Child with Film

20 Nov 2020

6 mins
UNICEF World Children's Day 2020
UNICEF World Children's Day 2020

Established in 1954, World Children's Day is celebrated each year on 20 November to promote international togetherness, improving children's welfare, and awareness among children worldwide. 20 November is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

World Children's Day offers each of us an inspirational entry-point to promote and celebrate children's rights and to help build a better world for children. Film can be a powerful way to illustrate to children of all ages what this important day represents. As such, we've highlighted some powerful feature films - and their accompanying educational resources - that are great examples of the celebration of children's rights across the globe, as well some youth-made shorts that can introduce pupils to powerful ideas around children's rights.

Into Film Clubs will be able to order all of the feature films on DVD, while the youth-made shorts - all of which are previous winners or runners-up in our Film of the Month competition - are available for everybody to watch. For those that were Film of the Month winners you can also find interviews with the creators, who talk about the ideas behind their films and discuss their production processes.

Rainbow Girl - Film of the Month Runner-up May 2019

Our resident superhero, Rainbow Girl, is on a mission to rescue animals from danger. One day Rainbow Girl goes sailing in the sea - along the way she meets several sea creatures who need her help. Can she save them?

Themes: The Environment, Pollution

Fish out of Water - Film of the Month Winner May 2020

Fish Out of Water is a creative and thoughtful documentary about what it's like to be on the autism spectrum as a young girl, including candid discussions with her mother.

Themes: Mental Health, Autism

Stolen Skin - Film of the Month Winner March 2020

Stolen Skin is an affecting collage of visuals and narration that tells multiple stories of sexual harassment.

Themes: Gender, Equality

Y Flwyddyn Goll (The Lost Year) - Film of the Month Winner September 2020

Y Flwyddyn Goll (The Lost Year) is a Welsh short that sees a young man reach out to a past love interest during lockdown, leading him to reflect on the challenges of isolation and the relatable characteristics of growing up.

Themes: Mental Health, Friendships

Focus - Film of the Month Runner-up August 2019

This short film addresses the dangers of a technology-dependent world, and the risks associated with young people being glued to their mobile phones.

Themes: The Internet, Technology, Mental and Physical Health,

Soon - Film of the Month Runner-up September 2020

A returning uni student eagerly greets the field and the swing set she grew up with, only to find it now frequented by the local people. Yearning to share this space with a new special person, she must await a time when she can reclaim this little bit of nature.

Themes: Family, Friendships, Physical and Mental Health

Dear Mitch - Film of the Month Runner-up May 2020

Georgia goes on a quest to find the boy who donated a kidney and saved her life, but it seems all hope is lost when a letter is misplaced. Will she ever get the opportunity to thank him for the most precious gift of all?

Themes: Physical Health

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