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I Am Greta

I Am Greta
I Am Greta




102 minutes




English / Swedish (English subtitles)


In August 2018, a fifteen-year-old Swedish girl decided to skip school and instead protest in front of the Swedish parliament until they decided to reduce carbon emissions that were negatively affecting the environment. What followed was a whirlwind of media recognition that positioned this young girl at the centre of a worldwide movement of young people who wanted to prevent climate change and secure their own future. Now one of the world’s most influential activists, Greta Thunberg remains relentless in her goal to bring awareness to environmental issues that need immediate attention and this intimate documentary explores her feelings about the media, her family and how being on the autistic spectrum has made her into the person she is today. Inspiring and important in equal measure, this film is sure to impact and connect with young people the world over.


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I Am Greta


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12A Classification

Infrequent strong language, eating disorder references

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I Am Greta


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