Your Reading Journey Through Film

Animating with an iPad
Animating with an iPad




Medium (5-11 activities)



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Expressing yourself and your ideas is a fundamental part of the human experience starting from cave drawings created by early man to the blogging and vlogging content that is part of today's digital culture.

This resource was produced in partnership with Scottish Book Trust and is designed to support young people aged 7 and over to create filmed responses for the First Minister's Reading Challenge. 

The resource is presented to you in two parts. Part 1 covers 3 activity sections including Vlog Review, Drawn Review and Book Trailer that are designed to help evidence an individual learners' reading journey. Part 2 includes Stop Motion Animation and 5,4,3,2,1 filmmaking.

The skills developed will help learners to express themselves effectively on camera and can be used to demonstrate their learning across the curriculum areas and to offer an alternative method of presenting their learning beyond the written form.

 This resource is also associated with Book Week Scotland (November) and The First Minister's Reading Challenge (September - June) 

This resource includes


Your Reading Journey Through Film Presentation.pptx

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Your Reading Journey Through Film Teacher Notes

This document provides the teachers notes and worksheets for this resource.

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There's nothing worse than reading a film review and finding out it ruins t

Review writing Q&A with Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode gives advice on review writing and how to avoid plot spoilers.

Duration: 6:59 mins

This Resource Supports

  • Design and Technology
  • Digital
  • English
  • Film Studies
  • Information Computing Technology
  • Literacy
  • PSHE Education

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