Exhibition - Cinema landscape

This resource helps young people to understand the range of roles in cinema
This resource helps young people to understand the range of roles in cinema




Medium (5-11 activities)

This resource produced in partnership with the UK Cinema Association (UKCA) will help young people aged 11 to 14 to develop an understanding of cinemas and how they are developed to suit the

needs of their customers. These activities will help young people to develop an understanding of the key transferable skills that are required, the breadth of roles available and the potential opportunities that are available for them within the exhibition sector. Advice and pathways into a career in cinema exhibition is provided in the factsheet including information on the Cinema Operative apprenticeship.

The resource is split into five sections and the first four explore a role within the cinema exhibition industry and provides young people with the opportunity to participate in a practical activity that will introduce them to the types of issues that they can face and which they will need to use their essential life skills and business skills to tackle. Each activity also has an extension activity which will challenge learners to explore the role and the industry in more depth. There are also slide notes that explain the specifics of the exhibition industry for your reference. The final section is an opportunity that allows young people to think about the skills that they have used in each activity and where they can apply it in their lives.

This resource comprises of this teachers' notes document which explains the activity outlines and includes worksheets for you to duplicate and use with your group. The accompanying Careers in Film: Exhibition - Cinema landscape PowerPoint presentation includes;

• an embedded clip of an exclusive interview with a current cinema

exhibition industry professional

• explanations of activities for students

• additional information and useful links in the slide notes

• case studies of industry professionals and their routes into the industry.

Gatsby Benchmarks supported by this resource:

  • Learning from career and labour market information

This resource includes

This Resource Supports

  • Careers
  • PSHE Education

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