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Image of Get into Animation Session 1 PDF


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The resource, produced in collaboration with Animating Education, comprises six sets of leaders' notes documents for each session, with exciting worksheets, extension activities and an explanation of different pathways that you can take according to the length of your specific club session and the age of your cohort. These notes are for guidance and you are welcome to differentiate them yourself to suit your club members' needs.

The accompanying set of Get Into Animation: Six Sessions from Story to Screen PowerPoint presentations are to use in your club sessions with members and they include embedded clips from inspirational youthmade shorts, animated information and activity instructions, exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with young and established animators and Into Film's Get Into Filmmaking videos, which break down the filmmaking process into a range of bite-sized instructional films.

Each session is based around a specific question, focusing members on developing both their animation and life skills, such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

Session 1: What makes a successful animation?
Club members will learn the fundamental processes of animation and put together the story they will animate. Working in groups, members will devise and pitch a story idea before voting on the final story they will animate.

Session 2: What styles of stop motion can we use?
This week we will look at three different styles of stop motion, how each one works and which style best fits our film's aesthetic. Looking at five youth-made animations we will discuss how models were made and where the camera was placed in order to achieve the animated effect. Once young people have learned the three different styles they will consider their own storyline and what style best fits their narrative.

Session 3: How can we make our models?
In this session we will begin to make our models and sets needed for animating. We will look at how models are designed and made for claymation, paper cut out, silhouette and pixilation animations and
consider some top tips for model making.

Session 4: How can we capture our animation?
This session we will begin to animate our final film. We will look at some top tips and golden rules for getting the best out of your animation and consider different techniques that you can use to bring your characters to life. There will be the chance to discover the different roles needed to make an animation before assigning each team member a role and, finally, animating our film.

Session 5: How can we add sound and edit our animation?
We have finished animating our film, so now it is time to add sound effects, dialogue, Foley sound and edit our film. This week we look at different editing techniques, video transitions and how sound can bring our film to life.

Session 6: How can we showcase, share and celebrate our film?
This final session gives practical tips for celebrating your clubs' achievements and screening their animations to large audiences as well as sharing and showcasing the animations through various platforms as well as in school.

There is an accompanying Get Into Animation: Visual Glossary PowerPoint presentation which includes clips and questions for further discussion.

About Animating Education
Animating Education uses stop motion and animated techniques to engage young people in active learning. Working across the curriculum with young people aged 6+ their workshops enhance teaching and learning and provide a fresh approach to any topic. Workshops are designed to support young people's learning and build confidence, providing a space for young people to take ownership of their ideas and achievements. For more information, please visit

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