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Medium (5-11 activities)


England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Staying Safe Online is an education resource created by Into Film in partnership with Childnet International to support Safer Internet Day. The resource uses the films Trust and InRealLife to ignite pupils' imagination and bring important messages to life, providing them the information they need to be safe citizens in an increasingly digital world. In this resource, pupils will explore the key themes of:

• Online addictions and behavioural habits

• Grooming and the dangers of meeting people whom we speak to online

• Being safe digital citizens.

To play clips in the presentation with subtitled videos, please click on the image on the clip slide to open a new internet browser window and type in the password 'internetsafety' to access the clip. We recommend that you set Google Chrome as your default internet browser in order to play the video online.

Mae'r gwaith Bod yn Ddiogel Ar-lein yn adnodd addysgiadol sydd wedi ei greu gan Into Film mewn partneriaeth gyda Chilnet International i gefnogi Diwrnod Diogel y We. Mae'r adnodd yn defnyddio'r ffilmiau Trust aInRealLife i danio dychymyg disgyblion a thrafod negeseuon pwysig, gan roi wybodaeth ar sut i fod yn ddinasyddion diogel mewn byd digidol cynyddol.  Mae'r adnoddau Cymraeg yma'n cefnogi'r cwricwlwm drwy'r Fframwaith Cymhwysedd Digidol a'r Fframwaith Llythrennedd a Rhifedd Cenedlaethol.

Yn yr adnodd yma, mi fydd y disgyblion yn dysgu am y brif themau: 

• Bod yn gaeth ar-lein ac arferion ymddygiad

• Peryglon meithrin perthynas amhriodol chyfarfod bobl ar lein a Grooming and the dangers of meeting people whom we speak to online

• Bod yn ddinasyddion digidol diogel

This resource includes


Bod yn ddiogel Ar-lein 16+ PPT FINAL(Cymraeg).pptx

Cyflwyniad PowerPoint Bod yn Ddiogel arlein 16+

Size: 140.17 MB

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Mae’r adnodd yma ar gyfer ddisgyblion 16+ i ddysgu am ddiogelwch ar y we

Nodiadau, gweithgareddau a thaflenni gwaith ar Bod yn Ddiogel ar lein 16+

Size: 4.29 MB

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Staying Safe Online 16+ PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint presentation accompanies Staying Safe Online 16+

Size: 140.18 MB

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Staying Safe Online 16+ with subtitled videos.pptx

This presentation contains subtitled videos for Staying Safe Online: 16+

Size: 3.52 MB

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Staying Safe Online16+ PDF

Teachers' notes, activities and worksheets for Staying Safe Online 16+

Size: 2.56 MB

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Media teacher Malcolm Richards joined Gareth Cort from Childnet in the stud

Safer Internet Day for Teachers

Teacher Malcolm and Childnet's Gareth Cort talk about staying safe online.

Duration: 15:38 mins

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Film director Beeban Kidron explains why she decided to make a documentary

InRealLife interview with director Beeban Kidron

Beeban's film explores the effect the internet is having on young people.

Duration: 16:36 mins

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This Resource Supports

Information Computing Technology

Welsh First Language (Cymru)

Welsh Second Language (Cymru)


PSHE Education

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