Cámara Chica is a British Council filmmaking project that sends UK mentors to run filmmaking workshops in overseas countries, funded by monies from the Official Development Assistance (ODA) programme.

Cámara Chica - which broadly translated in English means ‘Little Cameras' - aims to develop the knowledge of educators and community leaders in various countries, equipping them with the skills needed to teach digital filmmaking to young people, and to introduce young people to filmmaking and visual storytelling. Each country's Cámara Chica project will have its own locally-tailored name - the first, in Nepal, is titled 'Camera Sika', which translates as "Camera Learning".

The project speaks to many of the ideas that underpin the UK's ‘Film: 21st Century Literacy' policy. The project proposes activity that aims to go beyond a simple transfer of expertise, by pioneering a new approach to the way we think about the relationship between children, filmmaking and visual literacy. To this end ‘Cámara Chica' sits firmly within a skills agenda but also has a significant societal, educational and developmental dimension.

Each school that takes part will be left with its own iPad filmmaking kit that they can use to continue their filmmaking, to ensure the legacy of the project, and so the young filmmakers can spiral out their learning to other potential young filmmakers at their schools. The outcomes of the project are very much tied in to providing 21st Century visual literacy skills, but the project also has significant societal, educational, and developmental dimensions.

About The British Council

The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Its specialist film team, part of a wider arts group, works to connect the very best of UK film and film culture to new audiences and practitioners around the world. Aside from their extensive programme of international showcasing, they support training workshops and skills-building projects in all areas of filmmaking, from screenwriting and VFX, to film education and festival management. 

Cámara Chica - the filmmaking programme for young people - provides access to new technology, enhances digital skills, develops media literacy and unlocks the creative potential of young people everywhere.