Building Confidence with One-Shot Filmmaking

Learn about the benefits of one-shot filmmaking, pick up practical tips and develop a new one-shot film to use in class.

Educators making a film in a training session
Educators making a film in a training session

In this interactive session, which complements our One-Shot Filmmaking for Primary and One-Shot Filmmaking for Secondary online courses, you'll develop a ‘Shoot and Screen' film to use back in class. 

With support from Into Film experts and your fellow learners, you'll discover practical tips to design exciting classroom activities while further enhancing your own filmmaking skills.

The session will also offer exclusive resources to support your planning and give you the chance to put your filmmaking questions to the Into Film team. You'll leave with the confidence to apply our quick techniques to create fresh and exciting learning experiences in any subject.

A one stop shop for introducing film in schools - great ideas!

Jeremy Hannah, P4 Teacher, St. Bride's Primary School, Scotland

Below are a selection of resources and articles that complement our Building Confidence with One-Shot Filmmaking training.

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Face to Face Training

Face to Face Training

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