Discover our new mini filmmaking guides

14 Feb 2017

5 mins
Mini Filmmaking guides
Mini Filmmaking guides

We're thrilled to present our brand new series of mini filmmaking guides, which highlight a wide variety of roles involved in the film industry. From director, producer and screenwriter, to foley artist, costume designer, and editors, discover the countless different jobs that are involved in the filmmaking process. 

Each guide provides professional filmmaking techniques and tips, including practical tasks to help you practice the techniques and further develop your understanding of filmmaking.

This great series of resources explains the film production process from development to distribution, explores the many different roles within the film industry, and offers filmmaking tips to young people creating their own filmmaking projects.

Get your students/film club members to create their own short film and enter it into our Film of the Month competition below:

You can follow the guides from beginning to end, or alternatively, if you already have some knowledge, just select the mini guides that are most relevant, or that you need to fill any gaps in your understanding.

Get started with our Introduction to Mini Filmmaking Guides below:

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