Get Into Curricular Filmmaking

Improve curricular learning, attainment and assessment through the use of simple filmmaking techniques.

Get Into Curricular Filmmaking

This practical session helps teachers and educators improve curricular learning, assessment and attainment through the use of filmmaking techniques. 

We'll introduce you to simple filmmaking activities that you can use in the classroom - even if you have limited time or minimal equipment. You'll get a chance to make your own short, curricular film, with step-by-step guidance and advice on how to adapt these techniques to suit your classroom environment, specific learners' needs and assessment objectives.

As well as building teacher confidence in filmmaking, we'll explore how these activities can help your learners develop a range of skills including teamwork, time management and problem-solving as well as empowering them to express themselves creatively. 

Great hands-on practical session, with lots of ideas and chances to share best practice.

Amy Cox, Education Programme Manager, Scotland

Extend your learning

Below are a selection of online courses, resources and articles that complement our Curricular Filmmaking training.

I can't wait to get back into my classroom to use this!

Danielle Paterson, Stow Primary School, Scotland
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