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The Matrix

The Matrix
The Matrix

Film Details




130 minutes


Action and Adventure, Science Fiction and Fantasy


English (English subtitles)


Computer programmer Thomas Anderson, also known by his hacking alias Neo, becomes puzzled after encountering the same phrase on multiple occasions: “the Matrix”. A rebel named Trinity contacts Neo and tells him that a man named Morpheus has the answers he seeks. Neo is hunted and captured by a team of agents at his workplace, led by Agent Smith, who offers to erase Neo’s criminal record if he aids them in locating Morpheus, who they describe as a terrorist. When he refuses to cooperate, they implant a robotic bug within his abdomen, but Trinity takes Neo to Morpheus so that they can remove it. During their meeting, Morpheus offers Neo a choice between two pills: the blue pill will make him forget their encounter, or the red pill which will reveal the truth about the world. Neo’s choice will change the future of humanity in this hugely groundbreaking and influential sci-fi.

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The Matrix


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Additional details

15 Classification

Contains strong fantasy violence.

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The Matrix


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