Science teachers reveal their favourite film

12 Nov 2014

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Blade Runner
Blade Runner

Recently we partnered with the Association for Science Education and the Institute of Physics to celebrate the launch of the BFI Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder programme by asking science teachers across the United Kingdom: what's your favourite sci-fi film?

We had a great response from up and down the country, with great debate and discussion on social media and among science teachers in our film clubs - we've been talking about it at length in the office too. However, the results are in...

1st: Blade Runner

2nd (joint): The MatrixBack To The Future

4th: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Like all good films, Blade Runner also leaves you asking questions. This really draws you in, leaving an audience scratching their heads long after the credits have stopped rolling. And that is great! I love films that keep me thinking.

Club member Matt, 17

So there you have it, Ridley Scott's dystopian epic Blade Runner came out on top, and it's not just Matt who'll be pleased. Dozens of reviews of the film from our club members praise it for its visual beauty, arresting score and combination of sci-fi and film noir elements. Looking at it now, when cinema has grown so much technologically, it's quite amazing to consider that it was made over 30 years ago.

Modern takes on the genre such as Attack the Block stand alongside classics like Village of the Damned to give the full spectrum of what science fiction has to offer.

You can explore the programme in full here and download accompanying enrichment resources that can be used both before and after screenings - activities range from challenging pupils to decide on the essential ingredients of the sci-fi genre to considering how sci-fi films use their futuristic setting to comment on contemporary issues. 

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