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From Fortnite to Fall Guys, Minecraft to Mario - review your favourite games


Into Film is encouraging children and young people across Northern Ireland to review Games to be in with a chance of winning great prizes!*

From Fortnite to Fall Guys, Minecraft to Mario, we want to hear about games played on everything from consoles, PCs, apps and even games you might play on a tablet or smartphone. With amazing prizes to be won every 6 weeks, including a Nintendo Switch Lite® !

Do your classes love to build their own worlds for themselves and others to enjoy on a smartphone or tablet? Are they using a PC or PlayStation® to roam and explore? Maybe they adore classic retro graphics, or perhaps they are challenging friends and family to a races and E Sports? Whatever the chosen platform or console, we can't wait to hear from young people across Northern Ireland about the games they're playing.

Games Review is open to pupils aged 5-19 who attend a school in Northern Ireland.

How to Enter

To enter, download the entry form below, fill it in, and submit it via email to, with ‘Games Review' in the subject line.

All entries must include the entrant's name, their age, the PEGI age rating of the game reviewed and the school's name and postcode.

We accept all formats of reviews, whether they are written (max 500 words), video or audio clips (max 3mins).

Please note: to be eligible to win a prize the game reviewed must be age-appropriate to the person reviewing it. Be sure to check the age rating of the game in question first. If you're not sure what age rating a game is, you can check here:

We also welcome review submissions in Gaelic, picture exchange symbols, spoken audio files and drawings. 

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Games Review

Games Review

Games Review

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Tips for your Game Reviews

Entries should tell us about the game in question, and what it is you like about it. Consider the points below to help with your reviews.

  • Which character did you choose and what were they trying to achieve? Perhaps you were Luigi in Mario Kart and you were trying to beat your friends in a multi-player race.
  • Where is the game set? Is it in another world, or perhaps this world, but in the past?
  • What do you hear in the game? Do the sound effects and music help you enjoy the game more?
  • What style of graphics were used?
  • How did you feel while playing the game? 

More Review Writing Tips

The review writing guides below are filled with advice for how to structure an effective film review, but that guidance can easily applied to reviews of games, books, or anything else! Log in and download these resources to help support young people in their review writing.