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20 Sep 2023

3 mins

Into Film have teamed up with the All of Us Schools campaign to bring you two new animated shorts that speak directly to young people, confronting the major challenges that they face in modern society. Co-directed by award-winning filmmakers Ruth Beni and Daniel Greaves, the films All of Us and All of Our Shadows were made with the input of young creatives and, despite exploring two distinct contemporary issues, approach each with a sense of empathy and conviction.

All of Us

In its aim to tackle the global rise in cultural and religious intolerance, this 6-minute animation folows two children who aim to bring their two communities together by any means possible depite opposition from their elders. Colourful, inventive and without dialogue, All of Us creatively demonstrates a simple premise: No child is born with prejudice and therefore children can be a way to build bridges between communities. Full of hope and complexity, this short film can be used as a great conversation starter for young people, especially in Religious Education or PSHE Education classrooms.

All of Our Shadows

During the pandemic, conversations around the mental health of young people became more important than ever before and this second film in the All of Us series aims to shine a spotlight on the fears and anxieties many young people face on a daily basis. After a series of workshops and conversations with high school students aged 12-16, an expressionistic 8-minute animation was developed in an attempt to visualise many of the concerns that were raised between peers. With a giant fear-monster at the heart of the story, this film is a fantastic starting point for conversations around mental health and the importance of speaking up about your anxieties.

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