Our new partnership with social enterprise 'The Black Curriculum'

10 Nov 2022

4 mins
Careers photoshoot at Bishop Challoner school in London
Careers photoshoot at Bishop Challoner school in London

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with The Black Curriculum; a brilliant organisation that was founded in 2019 to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum.

We've been fans of the social enterprise since the start and their 'Teach Black History 365' (#TBH365) mission was celebrated as part of our current Black History & Experiences programme on Into Film+, which aims to move beyond Black History Month and help ensure that Black history is more embedded in the national curriculum throughout the year.

Our partnership is very much part of that mission and will range from collaborative resources to screening programmes. To kick off though, we chatted to founder and CEO Lavinya Stennett about her aims for The Black Curriculum (TBC), how schools can get involved and the centrality of film within their programme.

The Black Curriculum Logo

Tell us a bit about The Black Curriculum's mission and what inspired you to start it

TBC's mission is to empower all students with a sense of identity and belonging. It is based on a belief that Black British history is global history and needs to be taught in an accurate way. It is also founded with the idea that young people deserve an education that is truthful. Having studied African studies at SOAS University of London, I saw that this could be done and I held onto the possibility of bringing it to young people as well.

How does The Black Curriculum impact and inspire young Black pupils specifically?

TBC's work inspires young Black people in an empowering way because they can see another truth about their history, which is often taken away from them in mainstream schooling.

How can schools get involved with the expansive programme?

Schools can get involved with our work by engaging with our Continued Professional Development (CPD) teacher training, which looks at school policies, content and racial literacy in action. They can also sign up to a national ambassador scheme which is a flagship scheme across the country for 14-18-year-old students who want to create their own campaigns and be accredited for that. We also host workshops, assemblies and have a range of digital resources on our website and Instagram.

How integral is film to your mission of delivering Black British history all across the UK?

We deliver our programmes and resources using art forms, and film is another avenue and lens to capture the world in its truth, and our campaign #TBH365 will incorporate film with Africa and the diaspora.

Why should schools across the UK be shifting their focus from Black History Month to Black History 365?

Many schools have shifted their teaching over the years but the majority still engage with Black history only in October. History is alive, and it is important to constantly be evaluating what is being taught and learnt.

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