Children's University Scotland: Inspiring a Love of Learning

23 Jun 2017

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Children's University Scotland Graduates
Children's University Scotland Graduates

Children's University Scotland and Into Film have launched a partnership to help encourage children to learn through the medium of cinema at school film clubs across Scotland.

As our members know, Into Film Clubs take place in hundreds of schools across the country, seeking to provide young people with meaningful access to and engagement with film. The Children's University Scotland is another national charity; one that seeks to recognise and celebrate learning outside school lesson time via a 'Passport to Learning'. Young people use this passport to collect credits for taking part in a wide range of fun, educational activities - be it visiting a museum or library, playing in a school football team, reading books at home or performing in a concert.

Children's University Scotland have acknowledged the educational value of Into Film's extra-curricular activities by recognising each Into Film Club as a 'Learning Destination', allowing Passport Holders to collect Children's University credits for taking part in their film club. Each credit contributes to the child's record of wider achievement - their own personal record of all the exciting learning experiences they choose to take part in outside normal lesson hours.

Children's University Scotland offers an excellent opportunity for Into Film Club members to be recognised and accredited for their commitment and passion to watching, understanding and making films.

Kirsty Gallacher, Programme Manager, Into Film Scotland

"Into Film Clubs are perfectly aligned with our aims", said Roseanne Smith, Project and Development Manager at Children's University Scotland. "To show children that learning can and should be fun. Children can learn a huge amount academically through film, but just as important is the collaborative and shared experience of cinema in bringing groups together."

For more information on how you or your school can get involved with Passports to Learning, get in touch with Children's University Scotland at:

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