Diversity and Outreach

02 Nov 2016 in Diversity and Outreach

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Diversity and Outreach
Diversity and Outreach

In 2016, through our See It, Make It programme, we supported a number of participatory filmmaking projects for young people aged 7 - 19 that have had a strong focus on championing diversity, removing barriers to engagement and showcasing youth voices from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds.

Working with experienced filmmaking practitioners and delivery partners, we have targeted young people who experience socio-economic disadvantages and who are from backgrounds that are under-represented within the film industry, including young people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, young refugees, and LGBT young people. We found that in most cases, the children and young people we supported faced challenges in a number of these different areas (and more), and so the projects were tailored to ensure that they would meet the varied and changing needs of participants.

Overall, we supported 260 children and young people across 20 different projects in all regions and nations of the UK.

In the articles collected below, you can watch some of the films created as part of this project, and hear testimony from those involved on the project's impact and how taking part has helped to bring about positive outcomes for the children and young people that participated.

This Article is part of: Diversity and Outreach

See the results of our 2016 See It, Make It programme, in which our filmmaking projects focused on championing diversity and youth voice.

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