Inspirational documentary I Am Greta leads this week's new releases

16 Oct 2020 in New Releases

3 mins
I Am Greta Image
I Am Greta Image

With the future and habitability of our planet never having been more of an important topic, the intimate but sprawling documentary I Am Greta arrives at a most opportune time. In August 2018, a fifteen-year-old Swedish girl decided to skip school and instead protest in front of the Swedish parliament until they decided to reduce carbon emissions that were negatively affecting the environment. What followed was a global movement that changed the perspective of people from all walks of life.

Following her fight to get her message of change to world leaders, this intimate and inspiring focus on one of the world's most influential teenagers is sure to impact and connect with young people the world over.

Also new in cinemas

Time; Over the Moon

There are two films getting brief but worthwhile cinema releases this week, beginning with the US documentary Time, which has been receiving rave reviews from audiences across the world. Focused on one incredible woman's attempts to get her husband out of jail, the film is an odyssey of race, religion and the US penal system told with great emotion through a mixture of observational and home-video footage. 

Over the Moon, meanwhile, offers up a welcomed children's animation as we join an adventurous girl named Fei-Fei as she attempts to build a rocket and travel to the moon in the hope of meeting a mysterious and mythical Goddess. Packed with mesmerising musical number and a cast of prominent Asian-American actors, Over the Moon is a visually and tonally unique entry into the children's animation genre.

Time and Over the Moon are out this weekend in limited release around the UK.

New on DVD this week


With its surprise win of Best Picture at the Academy Awards® earlier this year, Parasite propelled itself into history by becoming the first foreign film to win the award. With its biting socials satire, compelling characters and dark but universal sense of humour, Parasite's story of a family trying to manipulate and infiltrate a richer household for their own gains has caught the imagination of moviegoers everywhere whilst maintaining a conversation around class, prejudice and ethics.

Also new to DVD this week

Four Kids and It; Anne Frank: Parallel Stories

Four Kids and It, adapted from the beloved Jaqueline Wilson novel, begins as a simple trip to the beach for four children in Cornwall but soon becomes an adventure as they befriend a grumpy but friendly magical creature with the power to grant any wish they ask for. It does not take long, however, for the kids to discover that Uncle Tristan has his sights set on capturing the creature for his own evil schemes and they must do everything in their power to make sure that does not happen. Classic children's storytelling that reminds the audience to be careful what they wish for.

Lastly, this powerful hybrid of documentary and fiction tells the historically monumental story of Anne Frank, captured and killed by Nazis in Amsterdam during the war, after hiding out in secrecy for two years. Based on excerpts from her diary and made in cooperation with the Anne Frank Foundation, Parallel Stories is deftly narrated by Helen Mirren alongside some moving and personal accounts from five other women who were Anne's age during the Second World War.

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