Prepare young people for Safer Internet Day and 'Meet the Malwares'

15 Jan 2018

3 mins
Prepare young people for Safer Internet Day and 'Meet the Malwares'

Did you know that online malicious software - or malware - can steal your personal information, like passwords and banking details, and maybe even your whole identity? The number one way that they get onto your devices is through visiting sites that offer pirated content. And since many adults fall prey to these nasty tricks, it's no surprise that young people are potentially even more at risk.

As such, we're always staunch supporters of Safer Internet Day (6 Feb), and this year we've launched a brand new Meet the Malwares resource (as well as the fun and informative animation above) to help educate young people on the risks of accessing illegal file-sharing websites.

Ransomware, pop-up ads, spyware… one out of every three infringing screen content sites contains malware like these, and users of pirate websites are twenty-eight times more likely to be exposed to hacking, viruses and malicious activity than on legitimate content sites.

The Industry Trust and Into Film work closely with industry partners and other law enforcement to stop intellectual property theft. Stealing intellectual property isn't a victimless crime and affects real people's lives. Don't risk being paid a visit by the Malwares. Don't support piracy!

Meet the Malwares

Our Meet the Malwares short film (which you watch above) is an important educational tool to share with young people, and the accompanying Meet the Malwares educational resource is designed to help teach young people to stay safe online and develop their awareness and knowledge of malware and the associated dangers, highlighting the impact that content piracy and viruses have on the creative industries.

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