Lunar animation 'Moonbound' leads this week's new releases

04 Aug 2021 in New Releases

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Two very different releases in cinemas this week, one that allows audiences to travel to a completely different part of our galaxy and another that takes place entirely on a computer screen. With last week's blockbuster release schedule, the summer of varied films continues. We also have two new films available to order on DVD; one for primary audiences and one for secondary students.

Safety is of course at the forefront of everyone's mind right now so make sure to check out the specific guidelines for your local cinema before visiting. Meanwhile, many cinemas have used lockdown as an opportunity to improve and renovate their venues so that we can all enjoy the best possible cinema experience.

New in cinemas


Based on the popular German fairy-tale Little Peter's Journey to the Moon, this animated lunar escapade is an enjoyable tale that will be intriguing for young audiences whilst including nods to folk stories that may be familiar. The story follows the young Pete and his little sister Anne's journey across the Milky Way. One evening, Anne encounters a tiny elder beetle named Mr. Zoomzeman who seeks her help in finding his wife and his birch tree but in helping him, Anne finds herself kidnapped by the evil Moon Man. The only way for Pete to rescue his little sister is by travelling to the moon with the help of Mr Zoomzeman and the sleepy Mr. Sandman he meets along the way. Together they race to the moon against of nature in the hope of making it back home safely.

Also new in cinemas this week


Following on from the success of films such as Searching and the Unfriended series, Profile is a film that falls into the ScreenLife genre, stories which play out entirely on the surface of a computer or mobile phone screen. It concerns a fictional British journalist named Amy Whittaker  who decides to create a fake online profile in order to gather direct information about the terrorist group ISIS. Claiming to be a recent Islamic convert, she is soon contacted by Bilel, an ISIS fighter from Syria, and they discuss everything from politics to their personal lives. When Amy finds herself developing romantic feelings for Bilel, she must decide whether to come clean about her online life which could end up putting her in severe danger. Tense and creative, this thriller is both a fascinating new way of consuming fiction whilst also touching upon important political and social themes around modern terrorism.

New on DVD

Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt)

With our DVD service now resumed, we have two new releases that you can order for your summer film club or beyond, beginning with a charming LGBTQ+ comedy for teens. Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt) follows 17-year-old Ellie's coming out journey, a topic seldom discussed in mainstream cinema. Bookish and the school captain, Ellie is hilariously awkward and obsessed with Abbie, her longstanding crush. When she makes the decision to come out to her mother and ask Abbie to their high school's dance, Ellie is visited by her queer aunt Tara, who died in the 80s but has come back to help her navigate life as a young lesbian. Ellie & Abbie celebrates young queer love alongside the importance of family and what can be learned from openly discussing personal histories.

Maya the Bee 3: The Golden Orb

The third in a trilogy of films about a friendly and supremely loyal bee, Maya the Bee 3: The Golden Orb still stands on its own as a lovely film for young audiences. After Maya's previous adventures with her best friend Willi, the two risk being separated by the queen bee who wants to prevent further chaos. However, the two young bees have other plans when they are tasked to deliver a golden egg to an ant colony in Bonsai Peak. With a gang of beetles - who are at war with the ants and aim to steal the egg - following their every step, Maya and Willi must be quick if they are to return to protect their hive. This fun and colourful animation touches on themes of community and being kind to others and can be a useful way to introduce topics such as the weather and nature with very young audiences.

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