Family drama 'The Railway Children Return' to lead July's new releases

04 Jul 2022 in New Releases

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July is traditionally the month of the family film and 2022 is no different, with a whole host of thrilling adventures, slapstick comedies and plenty more to offer for parents and children alike. But aside from familiar yellow henchmen and a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we also hear from the young people of Italy and are introduced to a unique couple with a passion for the volcanic. The summer is in full swing and a diverse breadth of film is right here along with it.

Minions: The Rise of Gru - in cinemas 1 July

Bursting with slapstick comedy and eye-popping action sequences, this prequel to one of the most lovable antihero animations is full of fun references for both young audiences and grown-ups. The Minions are ecstatic to have found the ultimate Big Boss to assist although he is still rather a Mini Boss! At the age of 11 and three-quarters, Gru is already an aspiring super-villain and dreams of joining the coolest 1970s criminal gang: the Vicious 6. But when his interview to join the evil bunch goes pear-shaped and he is kidnapped by none other than gang's ousted leader, Gru learns that even an evil mastermind needs loyal friends. Desperate to save him, the Minions must also learn to channel their inner wackiness with the help of a Kung Fu Master.

The Princess - in cinemas 1 July

After getting married to Prince Charles, the future King of England, in 1981, Diana Spencer soon became one of the most popular celebrities in the entire world due to her connection with the wider public and humanitarian work. However, this newfound fame came with a price and soon her private life, relationship with her children and problematic marriage were being exposed and called into question by the media, resulting in sudden tragedy. This documentary uses the very medium that caused so much strife in Diana's life, media journalism and paparazzi footage, to re-frame her story and help us see a more authentic but troubled side of one of the royal family's most famous members. As well as being a portrait of one woman's life, the film also serves as a window into late 20th-century history and the social politics of that era in the United Kingdom.

Tigers - in cinemas 1 July

Based on the autobiography of former Swedish football player Martin Bengtsson, this sporting drama takes a close look at the unethical contracts signed by young athletes and the complicated effects it can have on their mental wellbeing. Erik is a dedicated 16-year-old footballer whose childhood dream comes true when he is signed by the world famous club Inter Milan. After many years of intensive training, meticulously exercising and managing his diet, he feels ready to start his career as a professional player. However, he soon discovers is not prepared for the competitive nature of the sport and hits an emotional low that forces him to rethink his identity and declining mental health.

Thor: Love and Thunder - in cinemas 8 July

Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the hotly anticipated films of the year and revitalises many of the more comedic characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe whilst telling an epic story of reconnecting with lost love. After the demanding events of the Avengers films, the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, is taking some time for himself. While working on his mental and physical health, andtrying to avoid the Guardians of the Galaxy, he is suddenly interrupted by the impending threat of Gorr the God Butcher, an intergalactic dictator who wants to ensure the extinction of every God in the Universe. Realising he needs help to combat this deadly threat, he enlists the help of Valkyrie, now King of Asgard, and his best friend Korg, the almost indestructible alien. Most surprisingly, however, is the sudden reappearance of his ex-girlfriend Jane, who astonishes Thor when she reveals she is wielding his magical, celestial weapon the hammer Mjolnir.

Futura - in cinemas 8 July

Offering a fascinating insight into the experiences of young Italians today, this documentary has a timeless feel that will resonate with anyone who is getting ready to face the world of adulthood. How do young people feel about their opportunities to work, love, and travel after the Covid-19 pandemic? Three filmmakers travel up and down Italy to interview young people about what the future holds for them. Taking a moment's pause from a typical day be it rowing through Venice, studying to be beauticians in Naples, or training at a Sardinian boxing club the groups of teenagers talk about their dream professions, the opportunities in their home country and abroad, and their strategies for achieving their goals.

The Railway Children Return - in cinemas 15 July

The Railway Children Return is a sequel which arrives more than half a century after its much-loved predecessor, exploring similar themes around friendship, community, and displacement. Set in 1944 at the height of World War II, life in British towns and cities is becoming increasingly dangerous. Three evacuee children Lily, Pattie, and Ted are therefore sent from their Salford home by their mother to a rural Yorkshire village named Oakworth. There to meet them on the train station are Bobbie who had undertaken a similar journey exactly 40 years before in the original film as well as her daughter Annie and grandson Thomas. With their help, the evacuees soon begin to settle into life in the countryside. But when they discover an injured American soldier hiding out at the railway station, the children set out on a perilous quest to help their new friend who, like them, is a long way from home.

DC League of Super-Pets - in cinemas 29 July

Ever wondered if superheroes have pets? Krypto the Super-Dog has never had to worry about anything with the world famous superhero Superman as his best friend. However, when Superman is suddenly kidnapped by Lulu, a tiny guinea pig, Krypto forms a team of shelter pets, each one given a special superpower for the rescue mission. His canine friend Ace becomes super strong, PB the pig can inflate to a gigantic size, Merton the turtle can suddenly run at the speed of light, while Chip the squirrel controls electricity. Together they must master their new skills and harness their courage to save Superman from a terrible fate. This funny and enjoyable film is a great introduction to some of the key DC superheroes for young audiences.

Fire of Love  - in cinemas 29 July

Full of spectacular archive footage, Fire of Love is an intensely cinematic documentary which brings science to life. For over two decades, whenever a volcano erupted somewhere across the world, the volcanologist couple Maurice and Katia Krafft were never far from the scene. Standing side by side beneath cascading lava is where the duo felt most at home, conducting research on the front lines which would be used to help protect humanity. Their thrill-seeking nature would ultimately lead to a tragic end, however, with the fearless pair killed in a 1991 volcano eruption. Their remaining footage not only tells the story of their extraordinary careers and lives but leaves a legacy for the next generation of adventurers. 

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