'Luca' and 'Summer of Soul' lead new films added to Into Film+

17 Jun 2022 in Into Film+

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We are very pleased to share the latest new titles now available to stream on Into Film+. These additions include summery films Luca and Summer of Soul, as well as titles to engage young audiences for Refugee Week and Music Day, and much more. There are stories and topics to interest all age groups and accompanying film guides to generate further discussions.


Providing a gentle introduction to Italian culture and language-learning, as well as much anticipation for the summer holidays, this Disney/Pixar feature is a sweet coming-of-age tale about friendship and growing up. The young Luca is a timid sea monster whose parents forbid him from going near the surface, fearing that the townsfolk will hurt him if they discover his secret. One day, Luca and his friend Alberto sneak off to the surface where they transform into human boys as soon as they're out of the water and a new adventure begins, filled with dreams of riding a scooter, training for a triathlon and making friends with a human girl, Giulia. 

The film guide for Luca is most relevant for students aged 5-7 and explores subjects including Geography and PSHE Education in addition to highlighting themes surrounding friendship, European countries and family.

Summer of Soul

In time for World Music Day on 21 June, this immersive and vibrant documentary explores the impact that music can have during times of unrest. In the summer of 1969, at a time of huge social upheaval in America, the Harlem Cultural Festival celebrated Black pride, culture and fashion whilst emphasising the importance of spiritual wellbeing. Featuring impassioned performances from icons of music such as Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone and B.B. King, amongst many more, the spectacular archive footage joyfully resonates with the power of people uniting through music. 

The film guide for Summer of Soul is most relevant for students aged 14-16 and explores subjects such as Music in addition to highlighting themes surrounding festivals and celebrations, democracy and rights, community, equality and politics.

The Sound of Music

Continuing with the theme of music appreciation, this classic wartime musical extravaganza is about freedom and the joy of singing, and how it can help you connect with others. Set in the stunning Austrian mountains, the story follows novice nun Maria as she takes on the role of governess for the wealthy Von Trapp family. Maria is horrified at how strictly the widower Captain Von Trapp treats his children and soon has everyone learning to express themselves more openly and playfully. But as the Nazis arrive in Austria and demand the Captain's services, the family must plot its escape.

The film guide for The Sound of Music is most relevant for students aged 7-11 and explores subjects including Music and History, in addition to highlighting themes surrounding family, love and relationships, historical periods, and World War Two.


Another timeless classic, Jaws is still one of the most thrilling (and terrifying) films ever made. Set in the quiet American seaside resort of Amity, the film tells the tale of an enormous great white shark causing terror to locals and tourists. But will police chief Brody, marine scientist Hooper and the gruff fisherman Quint be able to save Amity from its unwelcome new resident? With one of the most distinctive soundtracks of all time, this 1975 summer blockbuster was director Steven Spielberg's big breakthrough film.

The film guide for Jaws is most relevant for students aged 14+ and explores subjects including Film Studies in addition to highlighting themes surrounding filmmaking, directors, distribution and exhibition.

Bride & Prejudice

This modern Bollywood updating of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' tells the story of a mother's hilarious attempts to marry off her four spirited and slightly stubborn daughters in India. In this version, William Darcy is an arrogant American businessman who is visiting India to scout out a prospective hotel for his company to purchase. Will Lalita and her sisters be able to find suitable suitors? With lavish musical numbers, the film puts an enjoyable spin on a classic British love story.

The film guide for Bride & Prejudice is most relevant for students aged 14-16 and explores subjects including Film Studies and English, in addition to highlighting themes surrounding Asian countries, love and relationships, and storytelling.

Gnomeo and Juliet

From Jane Austen to William Shakespeare: 'Romeo and Juliet' gets a truly bonkers reworking in this animated comedy produced by pop sensation Elton John, whose original and re-purposed music also features. With garden gnomes taking the place of the original human characters, the tales centres on the forbidden romance of young Gnomeo and Juliet, caught in the middle of a turf war involving the blue-hatted garden gnomes and their red-hatted rivals. Rather than in fair Verona, the feud takes places across neighbouring suburban gardens, with hilarious, slapstick and pun-filled results.

The film guide for Gnomeo and Juliet is most relevant for students aged 5-7 and explores subjects including Literacy in addition to highlighting themes surrounding gender representation, love and relationships, family, community and gangs.

Blue Story

This 2019 film addresses relevant themes about gang violence and growing up in an accessible way with creative storytelling: the narrative is partly narrated through the medium of rap music by the film's own director, who goes by the alias Rapman. The story follows Timmy and Marco, high school students from South London living in rival postcodes. Their close friendship is brutally tested as a vicious cycle of gang violence affecting their neighbourhoods starts steering their lives. The filmmaker, whose real name is Andrew Onwubolu, was recently recognised with an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours for services to drama and music.

The film guide for Blue Story is most relevant for students aged 16+ and explores subjects including Film Studies and PSHE Education in addition to highlighting themes surrounding friendship, community, music, British Cinema and urban settings.

The Kite Runner

Offering relevant discussions for Refugee Week (starting 20 June) and thoughtful perspectives on class divisions, this powerful story of friendship and betrayal takes place in the country of Afghanistan, beginning in the late 1970s. Although Amir is from a well-to-do family and Hassan is the son of his father's servant, the two boys are firm friends. But an incident in their childhood and Afghanistan's shifting social-political landscape lead to long-lasting repercussions, which see Amir as an adult retracing his migratory route from his new home in the USA to his homeland, haunted by personal and collective trauma.

The film guide for The Kite Runner is most relevant for students aged 14-16 and explores subjects including Citizenship, History and English Literature in addition to highlighting themes surrounding Asian countries, family, friendships, refugees and immigration.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Adapted from the beloved book series, this delightful family comedy offers valuable messages around community, anti-bullying, and loving creatures of all shapes and sizes. Emily Elizabeth is a lonely schoolgirl struggling to fit in at school and home. One day she stumbles across a cute bright red puppy who sneaks home with her. The next morning, she is amazed to wake up to find the puppy has grown to more than 10ft high. With modern-day twists and turns, including viral internet sensations and wicked plots for genetic experimentation, the story remains a charming tale about people with big hearts and dogs with big paws.

The film guide for Clifford The Big Red Dog is most relevant for students aged 7-11 and explores subjects including Citizenship and English in addition to highlighting themes such as friendships, mental health, anti-bullying and storytelling.

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