Calendar Dates in Focus: June to July 2022

06 Jun 2022

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IFA 22 TOTY nominee Ashley Williams with his class at Newton Longville
IFA 22 TOTY nominee Ashley Williams with his class at Newton Longville

We are happy to present the latest edition of our popular 'Calendar Dates in Focus' article series, which previews dates in the academic calendar that you can explore through film each half-term.

Below, we've covered the main dates for the rest of the academic year from June to July. As always, the information and links below are an easy, at-a-glance way of knowing what's coming up, but we'll be exploring many in more detail as the dates approach.


  • Refugee Week (20th - 26th June) - This year's theme is 'Healing'. Our recently published article presents a number of short films and additional resources that can help you explore the many facets of this crucial topic with both primary and secondary students. We will also be publishing a resource around the short Welsh film Dad soon.
  • Learning Disability Week (20th - 26th June) - Organised by charity Mencap. Our recently updated SEND/ASN/ALN theme page is the perfect place to start here and includes two film guides around Home and A Monster Calls, specifically created for SEND pupils.
  • Windrush Day (22 June) - We will be collating this year's resources and events as well as detailing an upcoming Black history and experiences Into Film+ programme, which will be available to all UK educators at the beginning of the Autumn school term. For now, head to our article from 2020 to get started.


  • Plastic Free July - Short film, The Story of Plastic, is available on Into Film+ and provides an overview of the modern plastics industry and how it is affecting the planet.

If you're interested in which other calendar dates we prioritise throughout the year, head to the previous two articles from the 'Calendar Dates in Focus' series below:

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