'Our North' screenings celebrate the best of the North on film

14 Oct 2019 BY Daniel Clifford

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We are delighted to share the news that 'Our North' - a season of film screenings celebrating the stories, communities and filmmakers of the region - will take place until the end of the year. The various events are organised by cinemas and film societies, thanks to the support from Film Hub North.

Below, our own Programme Delivery Coordinator for the North, Daniel Clifford discusses what to expect from the screenings, the corresponding film list and how Into Film Clubs can create their own celebration of the region.

At Into Film, we know how important it is for young people to develop their sense of self by watching stories they can relate to, seeing places they recognise and hearing voices like their own.

To coincide with 'Our North', we've put together a Film List that captures Northern history, culture and identity, and the ways the region has inspired filmmakers. The list features work from 1961 to today that is set in the North West, Yorkshire and North East, and includes literary adaptations, historical dramas, animation and more.

Each film has been selected to support curricular learning and start discussions with your group. Use the list below to help choose a Northern film for your Film Club or as a starting point for your own 'Our North' series of screenings.

It's great to have Into Film involved with 'Our North' by producing a list of Northern films for primary and secondary students. We hope it will inspire them to consider the role film plays in shaping communities. Anyone keen for more can find events taking place across the North from the region's best cinemas and arts organisations.

Sally Folkard, Film Hub North Strategic Manager

For updates on 'Our North' screenings and more Northern film and education news, make sure to follow @IntoFilm_North. We'd love to hear how you're celebrating the region with your club.

Programme Delivery Coordinator, North

Daniel Clifford, Into Film Programme Delivery Coordinator, North

Daniel has over 15 years’ experience working with young people in a range of art forms. In his previous role, Daniel delivered screening programmes, filmmaking workshops and a film awards scheme for young people in North East England.

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