Announcing our careers collaboration with ScreenSkills

02 Jul 2019

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Activity at Welsh celebratory event
Activity at Welsh celebratory event

We are happy to announce that we are joining up with screen industries' skills charity, ScreenSkills, on a raft of careers initiatives and training for young people.

The initiative is in response to teachers' renewed interest in better quality careers information and aims to inspire and encourage pupils to consider working within the booming UK screen industries in a drive to maintain the UK's reputation as global leaders in this field.

It is important that we keep the film industry vibrant by encouraging a young and diverse workforce that is representative of the society in which we live. We need to provide their training to remain at the cutting edge of the technological developments that are redefining our sector.

Into Film Trustee, Barbara Broccoli

Funding from Arts Council England to ScreenSkills - to join up careers services across the arts and screen and support the development of a skilled workforce will enable ScreenSkills and Into Film to develop new materials for 7-11 year olds in Key Stage 2. 

This will include a new joint-funded film careers map adapted for a younger audience offering new teaching resources to complement Into Film and ScreenSkills' existing careers initiatives with schools.

Into Film's engagement with over half of UK schools and ScreenSkills' (formerly Creative Skillset) unprecedented insight into the needs of the UK screen industries has historically been a productive partnership for the two organisations forming a direct investment in young people's futures throughout their school education with Into Film and onto training and apprenticeship opportunities with ScreenSkills.

People often think of careers education as being about funnelling down and narrowing options. This has its place (particularly later on), but in the Early Years and at Primary school, careers education should be about opening children's minds to what is possible.

Head of Policy Advocacy at LKMco, Will Millard

Paul Reeve, Chief Executive Officer of Into Film, said: "We're very pleased that Into Film and ScreenSkills are together providing opportunities to learn in school about potential careers in the screen industries. Into Film has always been committed to enabling pupils (and their teachers) to find out about the many roles required to bring a story to the screen. We're really looking forward to building further on this work."

Seetha Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of ScreenSkills, said: "We are delighted to be able to use some of our Arts Council funding to work with Into Film on new resources for primary schools. We think it is incredibly important for young people and their teachers to understand more of the exciting world of screen and the people who create the magic of film and television behind the camera. This isn't about training the next generation, but it is about demystifying the industry."

Working with the education sector, film industry and arts and cultural organisations, Into Film and ScreenSkills' careers activity is available to every school, college and youth group across the UK. 

Careers in digital and new technology such as VFX and previsualisation mean there is an ever-widening range of opportunities alongside existing creative, craft and tech roles in the screen industries. Students interested in subjects such as computer science, IT and STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) may not be aware of the possibilities available to them and are encouraged to explore the options available. The screen industry has recognised that it requires a diversity of skills to meet existing skills shortages and to prepare for the new challenges and opportunities from developments in immersive technology.

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