Four animated shorts about friendship lead this week's new releases

22 Apr 2021 in New Releases

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Fussel Image
Fussel Image

We are all incredibly excited for many cinemas around the country to open their doors to audiences again in mid-May but, here at Into Film, we believe that the capacity for film to entertain and educate has never truly disappeared. With that in mind, we've been hard at work seeking out content for our club members to enjoy and would like to showcase a number of excellent short films available to view for anyone who has a free Into Film account.

This week, we're putting a spotlight on four short films that all explore the theme of friendship and communication in distinct ways and with the last year seeing the concept of friendship redefine itself, there is no better time than to delve into these four lovingly rendered films. 

New Shorts from Into Film

Fussel; After the Rain; The Fox and the Pigeon; The Little Bang

First off, meet Fussel, a strange blue monster who, in this visually charming animation, discovers a mysterious red string and sets out on a journey to find out exactly where it has come from, gathering a host of equally weird and wonderful companions on the way. After the Rain, meanwhile, takes us on a colourfully animated journey to a far-off mountain range in which a shepherd and his beloved dog have an unusual way of farming wool to create rain - but when the shepherd can no longer do his important duties, how will their valley survive?

By moving onto The Fox and the Pigeon, we have the chance to explore a story of unlikely friendship, something many of us can relate to. These two animals wouldn't usually be found together but in this sweet storybook adventure they bond (eventually!) over their shared love of ice cream - but face one more obstacle before cementing their friendship. Lastly, The Little Bang celebrates companionship in the usually lonely vastness of space as a newly formed yellow star spots a blue star in the distance and must figure out a way to get her attention so he can finally have some company. 

New Film Guides to Download

Shazam!; Four Kids and It; Christopher Robin

Our film guides are built to aid educators in the classroom or at home, using a framework of discussion points and activities for young people to consider films in new and invigorating ways. Here are four new film guides around the theme Family Adventures to get stuck into at home or with your film clubs. From unlikely superheroes to revitalised classic children's characters, these film guides can be used for targeted lessons or for a wider appreciation of film.

New Film Lists

French Language Cinema; German Language Cinema; Spanish Language Cinema

We have also been curating fresh film lists on all kinds of themes and subjects across the curriculum and what better way to learn a new language, or refresh yourself with an old one, than to immerse yourself in storytelling and, specifically, cinema. With that in mind, here are three exciting new lists full of foreign-language films to get students invested in a narrative whilst picking up vocabulary and cultural talking points along the way.

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