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07 Dec 2021 BY Maria Cabrera in Into Film+

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Mogu & Perol
Mogu & Perol

Short films are a great medium in which to introduce topics and to spark discussion amongst students. This selection of shorts new to Into Film+ are accessible for a variety of age groups. The brand new additions include LGBTQ+ experiences across the world, for both young and older students, as well amusing animated tales, while some of our most popular shorts are also now available on our streaming platform.

Brand New Shorts on Into Film+


When a little girl leaves an ice cream stain on the outside of an octopus tank, the creature becomes frustrated and tries to get the attention of the janitor to restore his clean space. This funny and silly short will delight younger audiences.


A sheriff named Joe comes face to face with a bank robber and is set for a classic western showdown, but things soon take a strange turn when he's sent tumbling down a well. This is a colourful and exciting short which pays tribute to the experience of the cinema and the many worlds it transports us to.

In Nature

This eye-catching animation challenges the common belief that relationships in the animal world consist only of a male and female. Including same-sex relationships and species that can even change their biological sex, the film celebrates diversity within the animal kingdom. This is great introduction to sexualtity that is accessible for younger audiences.

Turn it Around

When 15-year-old Bram is introduced to his friend's cousin Florian at a house party, he feels an instant romantic connection. However, things are complicated when the group decides to play Spin the Bottle and Bram must decide whether he's ready to be his true self. This is an empowering LGBTQ+ story of identity, self-acceptance, and young romance.

Half a Life

This animated short is set in Cairo, Egypt, where LGBTQ+ people face constant threat from authorities despite homosexuality not being illegal. Narrated by a young gay rights activist, the film explores his difficult journey and highlights about the urgent need for LGBTQ+ rights across the world.

More Shorts Now Available on Into Film+

Partridge in a Bear Tree

A little partridge gets a little too excited in preparation for hibernation and accidently destroys her family's home. Her determination to make things better leads her on an adventure around the forest where she encounters other creatures. This lovely festive short is all about family and finding community.


While he is out for the day, Alicia watches him on a streaming website name VictorGaming. As the stream continues, Alicia must decide whether to contribute something important to the chat. This Spanish language film is a sweet and effective tale about the important of reaching out to those who we love.

Mogu & Perol

In this stop-motion animation, Mogu loves cooking and sharing his creations with his best friend Perol. However, when Perol starts to eat all the food their friendship faces a challenge. This adorable and colourful short is all about the joys of food and friendship.

The Penguin Who Couldn't Swim

Cast out by others for his inability to swim, a penguin is left alone to figure out what he can use to stay afloat as the tide heightens. With an anti-bullying message, this short animation is a story about believing in yourself and kindness.

My Brother Luca

A young girl doesn't understand others' concerns about her younger brother and she narrates the story of his superpowers, such as his amazing hearing and fantastic memory. This warm animated short serves as an introduction to autism and celebrates sibling relationships.

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