Nic Williams of Blue Bell Hill Primary is our Teacher of the Year 2017

14 Mar 2017 in Into Film Awards

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Nic Williams, Teacher of the Year Winner 2017
Nic Williams, Teacher of the Year Winner 2017

Congratulations to Nic Williams of Blue Bell Hill Primary School, Nottingham who was named Teacher of the Year at the 2017 Into Film Awards, having been nominated by his colleagues.

School Director and teacher Nic Williams set up the film club at Blue Bell Hill Primary School, and works extremely hard both in and out of the school to ensure the children and their families get the very best they can from attending the film club. Nic regularly uses film as a key part of the children's education and as an effective tool for learning. All of the children in the school have accessed the club by attending film club screenings and the Into Film Festival. 

As a result of Nic's encouragement and enthusiasm for film, many of the children now watch films with a critical eye and share their opinions with their peers and family. Through Nic's work with the Blue Bell Hill Trust, he has held film education training events for both Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Council schools. 

Speaking after receiving the award, Nic said: "We use film to encourage a love of learning - whether that's through film club, writing reviews, watching and discussing a film in the classroom, or through our family learning, which is bringing adults and children together to have a love of film and using that to develop conversation and family reviews. We've seen a real difference - if you can get a child to have a love of learning then everything grows."

The Teacher of the Year award was sponsored by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and was presented by A United Kingdom director Amma Asante, who spoke to us about her own passion for film. "The wonderful thing about film is that it allows you to walk in the shoes of someone who isn't you. It will give a full story. Films can inspire, films can help you learn, films can open new windows. You might have a child in Norwich who's never been to Africa who can suddenly open a window onto a child who lives in Africa who has the same dreams and aspirations. I think film can encourage us to acknowledge and celebrate our differences, and see how we connect."

Nicholas Williams, Teacher of the Year 2017
Teacher of the Year winner Nicholas Williams, with Director Amma Asante

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