Blockbuster musical 'West Side Story' leads this week's new releases

08 Dec 2021 in New Releases

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The end of the year brings a musical extravaganza from one of the world's most famous directors and a big red dog to your cinema screens, giving audiences an opportunity to be swept away into worlds of fantasy, romance, thrills and over-sized pets. 

Safety is of course at the forefront of everyone's mind right now so make sure to check out the specific guidelines for your local cinema before visiting. Meanwhile, many cinemas have used lockdown as an opportunity to improve and renovate their venues so that we can all enjoy the best possible cinema experience.

New in cinemas

West Side Story

The original film version of West Side Story is rightfully lauded as one of the great movie musicals but this gorgeously evocative update is given a much-needed contemporary spin whilst staying true to the original film's themes of class, race, love and toxic masculinity. Steven Spielberg directs the 1950s-set story which follows two lovers on two opposing sides of a gang rivalry. The white ‘Jets' and the Puerto Rican ‘Sharks' are warring over the small patch of New York City that they both believe belongs to them, constantly causing trouble and fighting with each other. The leader of the Jets, Riff, is keen to bring his old friend Tony, recently released from prison, back into the gang. However, when Tony falls in love with Maria, the sister of the Sharks' leader Bernardo, the situation begin to unravel, and everybody involved begins to hurtle towards tragedy. With stunning musical numbers and dance sequences throughout, Spielberg's West Side Story aims to prove the musical is back in style.

Also new in cinemas

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Adapted from the much-loved series of children's books, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a delightful family comedy with real heart and valuable messages around community, anti-bullying, and loving creatures of all shapes and sizes. The story follows Emily Elizabeth, an ordinary but lonely schoolgirl growing up in New York City, struggling to fit in at school and home. While she is being looked after by her hapless uncle, she stumbles across a cute bright red puppy in a mysterious animal rescue tent. Finding the dog in her bag at home, she is amazed to wake up the next morning to find the puppy has grown to more than 10ft high. After becoming an internet sensation the dog attracts the attention of an evil corporation carrying out genetic experiments on animals, who seek to claim Clifford as one of their own, but the community have taken Clifford to their hearts and decide to fight back.

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