Irish animation 'Wolfwalkers' leads this week's new cinema releases

29 Oct 2020 in New Releases

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Wolfwalkers Image
Wolfwalkers Image

Born from the same studio that produced Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells, new animation Wolfwalkers is a visually stunning treat which explores Irish history, community values and the power of friendship. Set in the year 1650 in Kilkenny, Ireland, the Lord Protector has tasked Englishman Bill Goodfellowe with removing the last wolfpack from the land. 

His daughter Robyn is initially determined to help despite her father's protests, who has vowed to keep her safe but her mind is changed when she encounters Mebh, a wild girl of a similar age to herself who protects the wolves. Learning that Mebh and her mother are Wolfwalkers creatures that transform into wolves at night and that the wolfpack is no danger to the townsfolk, Robyn promises to protect her new friend from those that would do her harm. 

Also out in cinemas this week

Mogul Mowgli; The Craft: Legacy; The Little Vampire (re-release); V For Vendetta (re-release); Boy's State; In My Blood It Runs

Personal stories and grand visions make up a large portion of this week's cinema releases beginning with British drama Mogul Mowgli which follows Zed, an aspiring rapper who, on the eve of his big breakout tour in America, is struck down with a mysterious illness and must return to Britain where he struggles to build connections between his life as a British-Pakistani and his aspirations as a musician. Next up, The Craft: Legacy is a sequel to the iconic 90's teen horror The Craft, similarly exploring the friendship that forms between four adolescent girls as they enter the dangerous world of witchcraft in order to get back at the bullies who are terrorising them at school.

The Halloween re-release of The Little Vampire reintroduces us to 9-year-old Tony as he moves to a California town and finds his new life difficult - until he runs into a young boy his age that turns out to be a mischievous vampire. Also getting a new re-release this week is an anarchic vision of the future, V for Vendetta, an action blockbuster that ties in with the British traditions of fireworks night and Guy Fawkes. Telling the story of a young woman who meets a domestic terrorist looking to establish a new order, much of the visual iconography of this film is still resonating with audiences today.

In My Blood it Runs is a striking and powerful documentary from Australia that tracks an Aboriginal boy's life as his family strives to provide him with the best education possible, leading to a series of heartbreaking and fascinating moments that tell us a lot about Australia's current social climate. Lastly, American documentary Boys State has a series of one-night only screenings around the country, recording a summer camp in which a thousand teenage boys from around the country come together with the aim to build a representative government from the ground up. More information can be found about those screenings here.

New on DVD this week

Trolls World Tour

After the first Trolls film burst onto the scene with its eye-popping visuals and incredibly catchy songs, Poppy, Branch and the rest of the gang are back in Trolls World Tour, this time with the aim to unite all the different troll tribes across the land. With the kingdoms of pop, rock, techno, funk classical and country in jeopardy, expect a lot of singing, dancing and mayhem along with valuable lessons on diversity, friendship and kindness.

Also out on DVD this week

The Perfect Candidate; Radioactive

Two stories of strong and influential women to round off the week, beginning with The Perfect Candidate which tackles the subject of gender and politics in the Middle East as a Saudi Arabian female doctor decides to run in the local elections in order to raise awareness around issues close to her. Radioactive, meanwhile, is a biographical dramatisation of the life of Marie Curie, known for her pioneering work on radioactivity which led to huge discoveries about finding the cure for cancer. With a strong central performance from Rosamund Pike, the film is an inspirational and informative story of scientific discovery.

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