Champion Film and Filmmaking This Winter

20 Oct 2020

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Children watching a film at home
Children watching a film at home

This Autumn half term is a school holiday like no other. We recognise that some schools across the UK are extending their half-term as a circuit/fire-break against the spread of COVID-19, and some children are stuck at homeso we're here to help support teachers in their own support of parents and young people during this unprecedented period, 

In a recent BFI survey, film watching polled higher than many other pastimes (including exercising, cooking, and gardening) as an activity helping people through lockdown. Since film watching is proving such a valuable pastime in keeping people's spirits up, we've collected some fun and engaging ways in which film and filmmaking can be used to help bolster children's education and keep them engaged while at home.

Going to the Cinema

For those that are able to enjoy the cinema experience over the next few weeks, here are some fantastic offers to make a trip to the big screen easier and more affordable. Please ensure to check each cinema chain's COVID-19 safety advice before making a trip.

Films at Home

If you're not able to visit the cinema at the moment, or if your local cinemas are closed due to government advice, then you may be relying on streaming films at home or delving into your DVD or Blu-ray collection. If so, we assembled a collection of film guides for fifty popular titles that will help you support young people by combining film watching with curriculum links and educationally and personally valuable discussion points.

We also have a selection of our club member activities available to use. Download these activities now to engage young people with various quizzes and simple filmmaking activities, and help them delve into the world of film like never before.

Filmmaking Courses to Take at Home

Online Storyboarding Masterclass

A new BFI collaboration with National Saturday Clubs will see storyboard artist and director Christian De Vita help young people learn professional animation techniques and hear Christian's top tips for creating their own storyboard. Watch the short film for free and then try your hand at storyboarding!

Tik Tok workshop - 19/20/21 October 2020

For Ages: 12 - 16

Cost: £35

A virtual workshop designed for aspiring YouTubers, Instagrammers and TikTok celebrities with access to camera phones and the popular video sharing app. Learn how to make high quality popular videos with a TikTok celebrity in three three-hour zoom sessions, plus at-home video making tasks. The course promises to be fun, interactive and educational.

Screenwriting Workshop - Starts 26 October 2020

For Ages: 12 - 16

Cost: £35

Learn screenwriting and creative writing with a professional film and television screenwriter in three three-hour zoom sessions, plus at home writing tasks that the screenwriter will critique. The course will focus on developing story, character, conflict, and screenplay structure for film and television.

Saturday Film Clubs - 7 November - 12 December 2020

For Ages: 8-11 and 12 - 16

Cost: £45

The BFI's virtual Saturday Clubs are designed to give children and young people a safe platform to interact and continue to learn and make films together without leaving the safety of their homes. Each Saturday a live online session is followed by simple and fun filmmaking homework. Tasks can be completed using video mobile phones with minimum help from parents and guardians.

Thanks to National Lottery players, up to £600 million of funding has been made available to support communities across the UK during the Coronavirus crisis. The National Lottery is playing a critical role in supporting people, projects and communities during these challenging times, including Into Film Clubs. By playing The National Lottery, you are making an amazing contribution to the nationwide-response to combatting the impact of COVID-19 on local communities across the UK.

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