Schools Marketing Partnerships

Partner with us and bring your new release to a schools audience.

Schools Marketing Campaigns

We offer a unique route to market new release and existing titles to a captive schools audience. Leveraging our active database of teachers across the UK we offer targeted campaigns and film-themed educational content resources focused on reach, engagement and expertise.'

All campaigns are fully branded and expertly mapped to educational value and curriculum topics driving awareness and engagement in the classroom and promoting shared family moments at home. Through multi-channel strategic campaigns we offer a powerful, credible and relevant solution to meet your marketing objectives. 

Powerful, credible and relevant solutions to meet your marketing objectives.

We provide:

  • A competitive route to market for your new release via educational campaigns direct to a schools audience
  • Award winning campaigns expertly mapped to UK curriculum to ensure engagement in the classroom
  • Film branded materials maximise reach and exposure with teachers, students, families
  • Unique targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns to our extensive educator networks¬†

Recent Campaigns

Our new resource inspired by No Time to Die is suitable for students aged 1

No Time to Die: Careers Behind the Camera

An award-winning, careers focused resource for 12-18 year olds.

Ultimate Princess Celebration: Kindness Quest

Ultimate Princess Celebration: Kindness Quest

Designed to deepen an understanding of what it means to be kind and brave.

L1 PPT croods

Explore you Inner Crood

Maths, Geography, Literacy and PE feature in this unique plan.

I just wanted to send a note to say how brilliant the materials look and how happy we are with how the promotion turned out.

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